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Faye Pietrokowsky, Founder of Inner Design – Applying Intuition

In 1986 I began helping people discover, develop and cultivate a relationship with their intuitive voice. It happened by accident, or did it?  After teaching massage and stress management classes at Mount Hood College in Gresham, Oregon, my employer asked me if there was something else that I would like to teach.  It took less than a minute for me to answer. The world that we can’t see. It is always there constantly  and fascinated me.  My life had been touch by it so often in so many ways.  I had yet to understand its power and richness.

Grandmother had visits in her dreams

Ever since I could remember, my grandmother knew things that nobody told her. Visitors with messages came to her in her sleep at night.  Her dreams fascinated and frightened family and friends.  My grandfather, who left this earth some thirty eight years before my grandmother departed, often spoke to her in her dreams. They had many conversations, which greatly comforted her. “Pa told me” or “Pa was here,” she would say. People knew what that meant. They both respected and feared her visits because she had this  “knowledge.”  My grandmother could seldom be fooled.   People could never be sure when or what she knew.

My grandmother wasn’t my only relative who had visitors.   A great-great aunt was also visited during her sleeping hours, by a deceased aunt wringing her hands.   “I am sorry. There is nothing that I can do.” Shortly afterwards, a family member would pass away.

My Own Experiences

My unexplained experiences started when I was a young child.  Going to bed at night was a scary experience, because I could feel myself shrinking in my bed and began to feel dizzy. My body wanted to rise above the bed.  I fought it. It was frightening. At one point in my childhood, I remember dreading going to sleep at nights, fearing that I would find myself reliving and repeating the experiences. I suppose that part of me was afraid that I might not come back into my body. It was many years before I would speak of this. Somehow, someway, I knew that my bedtime “travels” were unusual to say the least and therefore I kept them to myself.

Fortunately, my experiences were mostly more pleasant and much less threatening such as knowing people and situations. This information came to me and seemed to be there for the taking.  However, for many years I didn’t realize that this “knowledge or knowing” was special or unusual. It was a “normal” part of life.

It took many years and maturing before I would realize that my job was to slow down and be silent enough to observe and receive.


Intuition is Knowledge

Therefore when I was asked if there was something else that I wanted to teach, it was easy to say “intuition.” It wasn’t something that I had studied, but I was sure that philosophers, scientists, educators and others had something to say about this type of knowledge.  I wasn’t wrong. Journals of all kinds, popular magazines and newspapers were filled with references about this innate form of knowing. Some sources were even so bold as to call intuition an inner knowing, and sometimes call it knowledge.

Within a few years, I took my intuition course to other city colleges and to Marylhurst University in Oregon (communication and business departments). Businesses understand that intuition and logic are a winning team in everyday decision-making, be it sales, hiring, marketing, product development, etc. Wanting to perfect the decision-making process to increase profits and better utilize the talents and skills of their staff, businesses utilize my consulting services, training and stress management courses. Some of my clients include: Intel, Nike, Sequent Computers, and managers and business owners and managers in advertising agencies, banking, real estate, insurance and sales.

Some of my clients have invited family and friends into their homes to have a private intuition development or an animal communication class. This is a great way to cultivate a relationship with one’s special friend-intuition. Yes, having a class surrounded by people you know in the relaxed comfort of someone’s home is a great environment for exploration.

Why Would You Hire Me?

I am in the business of helping my clients achieve peace of mind with the decisions that they make, choosing those options that best suit their business, personal and interests and needs.  (People ask many questions including ones pertaining to hiring, product development, relocating, personal and professional relationships, deceased pets and people,  pet behavior issues, etc.)

I am not in the business of providing answers.  I see my role as an assistant or a coach, walking with clients in their discovery  process, encouraging and fostering  an atmosphere that enables and empowers them to fall in love with the intuition inside them.

Often clients know what is right for them but lack confidence and/or clarity to use this knowledge when making important decisions.  Searching for confirmation and/or a review of obstacles, options and issues, they hire me to use my intuition.   A successful consultation happens when my intuition engages my client’s sixth sense or inner knowledge.  If the information received from me resonates within them, there often is a “yes, that is it.” That is the goal, a handshake between the two minds.