A New Beginning-Yes We have Done This Before!

Does it seem like it was just a short while ago that were just starting a brand new year?  Wasn't it just a few months ago it was January 1, 2013?

I don't understand time, and wonder if it will ever make sense to me. I have thought about it a lot and don't seem to have more insight today than I had last year, the year before or the year before that year.  Yes, it is the same 24 hours in the day.  That doesn't and won't change.  So, how can time go faster?  I really would like someone to tell me, but I am afraid that I will be waiting a very long time for an answer.  I guess that means I have to figure it out myself

 Time seems to go slower  when have lots of it  and no deadline or a place to be.  Years ago, I spent time with a woman  who was dying of cancer.  She wanted massages and help with errands. Three hours with her seemed to stretch on and on. Time seemed to stand still.  There seemed to be an abundance of minutes and hours.   Time also seems to go slower if I am very early for an appointment or at the airport waiting for a flight.

Conclusion!?? Perhaps when we are younger we have fewer responsibilities and experiences.  Therefore, we have a difference reference and relationship with time.  Any ideas? Would love to hear them?

Predictions for 2014

 The following are my predictions for the upcoming year.  For more details, please visit www.inner-design.net and you will find a more complete listing under the predictions tab.  

Weather Patterns

The weather patterns continue to be helter skelter and bizarre weather in unexpected places continues to become the "norm."  Hot and cold extremes continue to afflict areas of the country.  More and more people become believers that the changes aren't random or changes in weather pattern.  This leads to a growing movement of "we better take better care of our earth."

More Disclosures

There are likely to be more journalists and others that risks their careers and lives to expose injustices. Threats and fears do not stop them.  They will not be silenced.  The truth comes from new and different sources around the globe.

The Economy

Another difficult year with few bright spots for those looking for employment that pays a good living wage.  People return to school and seek education, anticipating job openings. Green jobs and green innovation continues to flourish as do people seeking jobs with industries with an environmentally friendly focus.


Confusion will continue for the next 3-6 months and then the cloud will lift.  There is light at the end of the tunnel. However, more problems with insurance companies and coverage continue to have its pluses and minuses.  Alternative plans spring up across the country.  This is just the beginning, just a springboard.  


This is such a hot political issue that it continues to sizzle like a pancake on a grill.  It won't go away, and neither do strong opinions on both sides of the political aisle.  Do not be surprised if legislation is passed to address this "hot potato."


No, it won't be politics as usual, because there are too many important issues, too much at stake for it to be just another year. It is not likely that the House of Representatives will have enough Democrats elected this year to really help push legislation through and to help President Obama.  The Senate may just barely hang on to a few seats and remain under the influences of the Democrats.  People are searching for a viable third party and this interest has a growing momentum behind it.  International politics should be a good place for President Obama to shine this year.  He and John Kerry team up to help the world be a little safer.

DSCN5785 - Version 2

Pets Can and Do Sabotage Like People !!!!!

Perhaps they did it first because it can be argued that animals were on this earth before we humans entered the picture.  I am talking about a topic that I seldom hear people converse about animal sabotage.  We know that people do this and probably most people can see it in other people and sometimes recognize it when they do it ...

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To Travel or Not To Travel With Cake?

Airplanes. What would we do without them? Some people fly with children. Some people fly with a partner. Some people fly with a business cohort. Some people fly with band members, school staff, some with pets. Some fly with grandchildren. Some children travel with siblings. Some children travel with half-siblings. A few flyers travel with expensive and valuable musical instruments ...

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STILL looking for people to interview for project about the inner lives of animals.  Please email faye@inner-design.net.  If you work and/or live with animals, I would b happy to email you the survey. You can remain anonymous if you like.  The results will be posted on www.inner-design.net