February 2014 Newsletter


Intuition- YOU Really Don't Want To Leave Home Without It!

Sometimes people try to convince themselves and me that they are not intuitive.  I am not sure who people are trying to persuade.  Why people feel the need to be defensive I am not sure.  Who is accusing  them of ignoring or not hearing and trusting their inner voice? I can't even begin to count or remember the number of ...

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Taking Photos. Intuition is my assistant BUT What's Love Got To Do With It?

Picture taking.  Lots of us put one of those things in front of your eyeball, pause, squint and click.  Some of us like doing this more than others.  Some do it to record history.  Some do it to create history or to catch a memory in time, that will outlive the person who took the moments to click the BUTTON.

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Water, Anyone Want To Do A Trade?

I remember the first time that I heard about water being worth ANYTHING more than I could imagine.  It was such a new concept that it stopped my brain and caused me think.  The year was 2002.  The month was January to be exact.  The place was Eugene, Oregon.  I was having a conversation Nick, a very tall British man ...

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