Fall Newsletter 2014

Farewell To Fall


Everyday I take time to enjoy the last of the fall leaves.  I watch the neighbors remove leaves from lawns and sidewalks.  Some do so with a solemn face, others with the determination to complete the task.  Gardeners can be seen collecting  leaves in large plastic bags for the sole purpose using them to cover gardens.  It is a preparation for the next growing season that is months away.  Until the, the soil will rest.  

As the leaves fall to the ground, we are being prepared for the next season that will soon arrive.  We owe the fall leaves a big thank you for so colorfully escorting us on to winter.



Less Stress This Holiday! 

No. This is Not A Joke!

Getting psyched up for the holidays?  Are you dreading them?  Are you excited?  Do you have travel plans?  No yet, but soon?  Do you feel rushed?  Do you have more to do than you have time?  Join the club.

For the last few months, I have heard holiday conversations.  Yes, people began talking bout the upcoming "THEM" before July 4th!!  Some people played a guessing game, trying to predict when and how early in the year stores will put up holiday decorations.  Will they wait until Halloween?  Will they boldly display Christmas two months before the actual date?

It is not just this which intrigues and concerns consumers.  Money and time enter into the picture.  What will the finances be like?  Will I/we be able to afford the holiday travel, the gifts, the parties, etc.  Of course, there never seems like there is ENOUGH time to get everything done.

Uninvited Stress

If you are like most people, stress not only knocks at your door but it also takes up residency in your home UNINVITED!  Every year this happens to many people.  So many are unprepared.  

It is easy to be overwhelmed with too many demands on your time, energy, input and attention.  You may have too many invitations and obligations and not enough time or possibilities for resolving these conflicts.

Do A Gut Check

This is a great opportunity to listen to your gut and to ask your inner voice to come pay a visit this holiday season.  Sound silly?  Wondering where you will find the time when there seems so little of this commodity?  Imagine that your sixth sense is a person who can talk with you.  Ask it (out loud if you dare) what gifts to buy, what foods to prepare and  techniques for managing holiday social engagements.  You might be pleasantly surprised at the ideas and solutions that come into your mind.  You might just find yourself making quicker purchasing decisions or taking time to breathe slower and deeper breaths.

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Remember Your Pets!

If you are stressed, it is highly like that your furry or feathery friends will feel your tension and sometimes absorb your stress.  There are several things that you can do this upcoming holiday season to help both you and your pets.  Here are some suggestions:


• Be sure that your pets are safe, particularly your in-door only pets. If you are having guests in your home, be careful that pets can't escape outside.  Sometimes leaving your animal in a secluded quiet room away from noises and guests is a good way to keep your pets safe.


• If you are traveling without your pets, consider having someone who knows you and your animals stay in your home while you are away. 


• If you are traveling with pets, make sure that they are safely transported.  Tell your pets that they are traveling with you before you embark upon your journey.  Make sure that your pets will be well received at your destination. 


• Talk to you animals.  Your voice soothes and reassures them.  Let them know that you are expecting guests and/or that you will be traveling.


• Reduce your own stress levels with exercise, meditation,reading, listening to music, relaxing, etc.

Too Much Noise!!! When Will The Guests Leave?


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