The Answers Are Within!

Most people have an inner voice that is very wise and  have tapped into this resource.  I have heard people call intuition a great ally and pay attention to it like clockwork.  Okay, this is a fancy way of saying, they don't leave home without it. Doing a gut check becomes part of their everyday routine.  Sometimes it is can make the difference between life and death or life, great injury or something really wonderful happening that enriches one's life.. 

Many years ago  while teaching a class at Marylhurst University, here in Oregon, a student shared this story with the class.  He and some friends were driving in the mountains.  He was sitting in the back seat of the car.  Suddenly from out of nowhere he blurted out "slow down." Within a minute a car coming from the opposite direction was a car coming at them at a very high speed.  Had the drive of the car that he was in not slowed down there could easily have been a very bad accident.

One of my favorite student stories came from a student who stopped in at a local pub on her way home from work to play Lotto or some game.  She wasn't going to do it.  She was busy, and had to get home to cook for her children  and needed to do homework for an upcoming weekend class. She wouldn't have stopped except for the fact that a "nagging" voice kept telling her to stop.  She won $1800.

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Rabbits- More Than Meets The Eye-Take Notice

I was recently at an event to help raise funds for Oregon Rabbit Rescue group.  It was last Saturday.  The event was housed in a room off a long hallway inside the Oregon Humane Society.  While there were long lines of people waiting to look at animals that needed a forever home, ...

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Intuition-Can It Make A Difference In Preventing School Shootings?

People are looking for ways to stop school shootings.   Most people agree that something needs to be done even if people don't agree on what needs to be done.  Opinions vary.  People get "hot under the collar" about this issue.  It is so very "charged."  As the debate over gun control and legislation continues to heat up, people search ...

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Have A Story to Share?

I am still looking for stories about how your intuition has served you in your life.  In addition, I am still looking for people with pet stories, particularly about their inner lives,that they want to share by email (