March- April 2016


Intuition In Business

Don't Leave Home Without It!

Intuition is not like the clothes we wear.  No worries about colors and textures clashing.  Intuition is not like dishes.  No need to fret over having cups and saucers that don't look alike or match.  No concerns over saying something or some things that might offend someone, some people.  Intuition goes with everything in life.  Simply put, don't bother trying to live even one day without relying on your sixth sense, inner wisdom.

Intuition is not something humans leave at home and go out in the world. It joins us wherever we are, where ever we go.  It keeps us company when we make decisions


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Here Comes Simba-- AGAIN!!

He was amazing.  Lots of people say that about the dogs that they adore. Lots of people find their dogs and others pretty spectacular. And so it should be, shouldn't it?  The animals that love and give to us so freely and without inhibition surely deserved a little idolizing in return.  Sometimes it goes a little overboard, but that is …

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The Cooing Turtle- "Pet ME Please!"

"Scratch my neck .  Pet the top of my head," and I will coo said  Gertie the turtle to its humans. Well, not in so many works but apparently the message was clear.  The turtle leaned into the  human and made a cooing sound.  This was reported to be by one of the humans who lives with Gertie. It was …

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