October 2016




 Get Ready.  It is Coming !!!

• It may seem like it is in the distant future because in many parts of the country warm weather persists.  Halloween has not yet happened.  Thanksgiving holiday is a month plus some weeks away.

So I have a few questions for you who are taking time to read this. Are you preparing for the busy holiday season? 

• Are you purchasing gifts early to prevent last minute shopping? 

• If you are traveling during this time, have you finalized your arrangements?

• If you have pets who will be left at home  or at another location while you are away.

• Do you have all the details arranged or written on a 'to do list?"

• For those of you hosting parties, have you begun thinking about who you wish to invite.

• How about scheduling down time to relax during this busy season?



Breathe Your Way To Your Answers

Sounds simple. Haven't we all heard it?  So simple and yet so easy to do.  For many people, by the time we recognize the symptoms (exhaustion, confusion, stomach pain, headaches, etc.) we have a full blown case of STRESS.   

Do you know your own warning signals?  Do you know when you are experiencing an episode?  Ask yourself how your stomach feels. Do you feel anxious?  Is sitting for long periods of time difficult to impossible?  Are you sweating?   Do you have a headache? Concentrating seems difficult to impossible?

Many people know the warning signs both before and as they are happening. Whether or not you are one of these individuals, you can reduce and sometimes eliminate your tension.  Here are some suggestions. 

• Breathe slowly and deeply. 

• Focus your attention on both the inhale and the exhale. 

• Go to a place in your mind's eye that is pleasing, calming, perhaps one that bring peaceful thoughts and good memories.

• Drink liquids.  Dehydration puts the body in stress. Eat well. 

• Remember to eat protein during a stressful period.

• Walk or exercise.  Even walking back and forth in a room is helpful.


A Loss Sometimes Calls for A New Family Member

Have you ever  been in this predicament before?  Maybe the passing of the pet was sudden, maybe it was expected.  It is still a loss nonetheless, a loss that needs to be grieved.  You just loss your pet and your heart is shattered. Your come home to an empty house.   There are reminders everywhere.  In the kitchen the bags of dried or canned food stare at you.  Perhaps the litter box is still there waiting to be used.  The dog collar is still sitting on the table by the door.  The pictures on the refrigerator are reminders as well.



You know that you will get another animal.   You cannot live without a pet.  A home, your home, is not the same without something with feathers or fur sharing your space.  The emptiness is apparent and perhaps overwhelming.  Perhaps you are not the only one grieving.  Other family members, both human and nonhuman, are also feeling the loss. 

You just might find yourself wondering when it would be a good time to bring a new pet into your live/lives.  You ask yourself how long you should wait.

For some people, the emptiness is too much to bear for very long and soon a new family member is brought home.   There are those who  find it easier to accept another For others, time is needed.  Sometimes people rush to bring another "replacement" in because the grief is too much for a pet, who seems very depressed.

I cannot count the number of times clients have told how heartbreaking it is to watch the animal in the house who is still living walk from room to room looking for the deceased.  Sometimes s/he won't eat for days.  Sometimes s/he just lies around in a listless-like manner.


Bringing a new "friend" or family member into your life doesn't halt the grieving. Grief has its own timeline and cycle.  You may "get over" the loss.  You may always have a place in your being for the departed.  Time may heal so that grief isn't so intense.  Tears may go away.  They may not.  We have different experiences.

This little one has brighten up the home of a family that recently lost their dog unexpectedly. 


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