Crows and More Crows



The Murder of Crows.  Did you see it on Public Television this past week?  Perhaps it airs different times in various parts of the country?  If you missed, I highly recommend that you go online to the public broadcast network, and watch the show. The link is

What is there to learn about crows you ask?  A ...

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Living Simply- Animals Do- So Do Some People As Well

Animals are great examples for us in many way.  Most people talk about how animals are the source of unconditional love, understanding, patience, and more.  In my experience working with people and their pets, a lot, and I mean a lot  of people, prefer the company of their animal friends.  Now, not all of them will admit to this.  Some ...

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No Human Could Have Survived! Not On Termites For 30 Years!

I got an email earlier this week and didn't bother to read it until today.  It wasn't  that I wasn't interested, because I had every intention of reading the email.  The subject in the email said Missing Tortoise.  Interesting enough I thought to myself.  I made an assumption that the tortoise had been found or appeared.   This was an ...

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Gift Someone Special!!

As a thank you for all the support that I have received over the years, I am offering telephone gift certificates, two for the price of one.  For example, you can purchase two 15 minute consultations (business, personal and/or pets) for $45.  Two twenty minute gift consultations are available for $60.   Two thirty minute  sessions are $75.  These sessions are good for one year.