The Eyes Have It!!

It is amazing, or perhaps it isn't, how much shows up in the eyes.  They often mirror our inner worlds.  Most people have no idea, no awareness, of how their eyes reflect their inner worlds and their true thoughts and feelings. Can't count the number of times people have or haven't said something, but their eyes speak loudly!!??

It is also a way that people recognize others.  I recently met a woman who told me an amazing story about how a man whom she met at her workplace said "I know you. I will figure it out."  He kept his word and and returned to her workplace a few weeks later with a picture of her.  It was a picture of her when she was two years old with her father. The man had served in the military with her father and had seen a picture of her.  She was about two years old!  The two had never met. This man recognized her eyes!iHave you ever heard someone talking about recognizing a person who is close to their death by their eyes?  I have heard this story more than once, and have experienced recognizing a person's eyes even as the rest of their body drastically changes.  The eyes remain a constant.

If you have a favorite story about "eyes," I would love to hear or read about it.

My Two Brilliant Cats Were Outwitted By A Very Small Mouse!

The morning started out like any ordinary morning.  I wanted to exercise, write in my journal and make phone calls.   The morning changed very quickly when  I walked into the bathroom.  There was  my fluffy  three and a half year old black cat Misha staring at the potted plant that was sitting on a shelf.   I called to ...

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Kindness Can Be Found When You Least Expect It!  Perhaps We Should Look For It More Often!!

I have been and still am intrigued by a homeless man and his beloved (60-75 pounds at least) pit bull who stand in front of a store where I shop near my house. ( I don't know either one's name.)  He sells a newspaper called Street Roots.  It has well written and interesting articles written by homeless people about issues of interest and concern to that population.  Sometimes the writers author articles that are both political and global in nature.

This homeless man carries on conversations with people walking by and with those who walk in and out of the store.  I have heard bits and pieces of conversations  about politics of homeless people. "What people don't understan is"i the beginning of his message, at least a few of them. 

 He can't go into a shelter at night because he has a gentle pit bull that he adores and can't take the dog with him.  He also can't go to places that offer homeless people food because of the dog. People who shop at this store have been generous with him and sometimes bring him food.  On the particular day that he was telling me this a store customer interrupted his conversation with me to give him a food.  One of the local pet stores has set up an account for him so that people can contribute money for food for his dog.  

It might not surprise you to learn that there is an obvious special bond between the dog and this man.  When it rains, I have seen him put a plastic covering over his companion or take the dog across the street where it won't get rained on and where he can keep a close eye on it. 

On more than one occasion I have seen him hold the dog on his lap in an upright position while he trims her nails.  She is totally trusting of him. She is relaxed with her eyes half closed, with a dreamy, distant look.  

Heart warming!!

Free Talk At The Portland Annual Pet and Companion Show April 13th 

I will be giving a talk at the Portland Expo Center on Saturday, April 13rh from 10:45-11:15 a.m.  called  "Your Animals Are Talking. Are You Listening?"  The talk is free.