Love to Hear Stories About Personal Kindness, Given From The Heart!

I was recently having a bad meal a restaurant that I would never choose. I ordered soup and salad.  It was fair at best, but the company was interesting.  He, who shall rename nameless, was drinking his dinner.  His meal was a double strawberry marguerita.  It was HUGE and I can imagine that one of THOSE would do me IN.

We were talking about neighbors.  He lives next door to my mother.  He told me about giving $500 to a couple whose children would not have had much for the holidays.  When he described how this couple's faces lit up with joy and relief, it occurred to me that they had also given him great joy with their authentic appreciation.

This couple's children may be talking about this man's generosity for years to come.  One never knows how acts of kindness survive time and memories.

This story was definitely better than the dinner!

Intuition- Don't Go ANYWHERE Without It.

More and more I hear people talking about how their gut saved them.  More specifically, how listening to their gut made a difference in their lives, both positively and negatively.  If I had just a quarter for every time  someone

Here is an interesting article.  It is a few years old, but as you may already know, when it comes to gut instincts, listening never goes out of style.  It is called Gut Almighty.

Animal Lovers.  This Is More Than Entertaining.  Check It Out!!  

Cute Dog! Thank You!

I can't even count the number of times that I have said "cute" to a two-legged mammal  walking their four-legged  dog or sitting on a sofa besides a furry creature. (As I am writing this, I realize that no human thought that I was talking about him or her!!  No, that is right.  No one assumed that I was giving ...

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Rabbits! Don't Underestimate Them!!


I like rabbits so I am always on the lookout for a story about these critters.  I have never lived with one, but I have a healthy respect and admiration for them.  There is more than meets the  eye when it comes to the world of these animals.  Many people dismiss them as boring.  Usually, these people haven't ...

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