December 2016


Stevie  Says.......



I often say that parrots are powerhouses, and should not be underestimated.  Strong willed and wanting others to hear their opinions are common traits.  In my experience, these feathery creatures are not so concerned about pleasing their humans. 

An African grey was in a room with two women, and overheard their conversation.  One said to the other "These jeans are a little tight on me.   Do you think that I should put on another pair of pants?"  The bird made his opinion known with a loud "Yeah."


A Little Cheer This Season


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Old and New Predictions!

Predictions for 2017 will appear in the January 2017 newsletter.  Stay tuned!  Here is some of what I wrote for 2016.  (More is on

Election 2016

Keep an eye on Hillary to see how creative she can become trying to convince voters that she is not bought by the establishment.  Without the black and the young vote, she doesn’t have a chance and she knows it.

Weather Patterns

Predicting is difficult as droughts continue.  Changes in food production and impact consumer prices.  Storms, earthquakes, tornadoes, continue to occur in unexpected places.

Minimum Wage

Paying workers a decent and livable wage gains momentum.

Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) Foods

These are becoming a bigger "no no."  More states demand labeling as consumers say “No Thanks” to these foods.

Protest Movement

Feet may get sore, and winds may blow through jackets causing people to shiver. Determined, people stay focused on goals.  No end is in sight. More take to the streets.


Threats and bullets will not silence all journalists.  More risk.  More will be killed.


This problem is only starting to mushroom. 


Don’t expect this to be a great year.  The stock market is like a Disneyland roller coaster. 


The President will get a few crumbs from Congress, largely because not to pass certain legislation will cost them in November.  He will use his executive powers may surprise some people.


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