Inner Design Newsletter -July -August 2013

Inner Design-Applying Intuition


Having A Good Time!!

Camera Shy? Okay. Turn Your Head.

This picture was taken over a week ago.  Perhaps the calendar had not yet shown July days.   I was in the Los Angeles county area driving to pick up something from a store for my mother.  The light had turned red and I had the good fortune of turning my head to the left and spotted the car next ...

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Do Plants Have A Dark Side?

The dark side of the plant or the photographer?

I know.  This may sound like a strange idea because it assumes a lot and I mean A LOT.  It assumes that plants have feelings and that they process them and that they have a dark side.  I don't know ...

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What Do You Think? Is This Dog Protecting The Pursue Or The Canned Dog Food?

I took this picture at a dog show in Seattle. It was at the end of the show and people were packing up to leave.  I happened to capture this dog who seemed all too willing to pose.  It was amazing to see how well some of the dogs held up after being "shown" and sometimes put in a kennel ...

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Do Plants Get Sad, Mad, Happy? Do They Feel? What Do You Think?

Do plants feel sadness and/or grief when plants around them die? To be honest, it is a question that has crossed my mind more than once. As I age, the question is on the tip of my tongue/consciousness more often than I can count, particularly when I am about ready to ...

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