Welcome to Inner Design

Photo of Faye with a dog
Faye Pietrokowsky, Founder of Inner Design – Applying Intuition

Everything Has A Voice

There are humans among us who steadfastly argue that everything has a voice, knowledge and inner wisdom.

Life Goes Better With Intuition

Cultivate a relationship with your inner wisdom, and live a richer life.  Witness the quality of your decision-making  abilities improve as you implement both logic and instincts into your everyday choices.

At a young age, I too learned  the potency of inner wisdom from my role models, relatives, who relied on their inner guidance.  Life became easier when logic and intuition were employed into everyday decision-making.

Helping Others Do The Same

It is my passion to coach clients so they too can develop and cultivate their  inner wisdom skills  into their decisions-making.  It is a myth that humans can’t learn to develop and use their sixth sense. Intuition is an innate skill that we all have.  Intuition is for everyone!