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Photo of Faye with a dog
Faye Pietrokowsky, Founder of Inner Design – Applying Intuition

Everything Has A Voice

Some argue that rocks and animals, even the smallest of animals and insects have a voice. Perhaps debating whether inanimate thi9ngs can and do speak is not as important as understanding to read the voices and behaviors of those around us, whether it be the dog who barks at a new contractor, the friendly cat who keeps a distance from a guest, the person who can’t maintain eye contact or the nagging feeling in the gut that is just there without words or information. It is for us to gather information and use it to make our lives run smoother and more meaningful.

Life Goes Better With Intuition

People live richer, and more meaningful lives when they trust their intuition. This applies to business as well as personal decisions. In fact the best formula for superb decision-making is intuition plus logic. It is the winning combination.

At a young age, I too learned this. Relatives trusted their intuitive information and it become a way of life, as natural as breathing or lacing up one’s shoes laces. They were my role models who openly asked about knowing things that weren’t obvious or explainable. It helped me take the leap of faith and I too began dialoging with my inner voice and noticed that during stressful times my sixty sense became more important. When I neglected to slow down and the time to make choices using both my logical and intuitive information, better decisions were made. Life was easier.

Helping Others Do The Same

It has been my passion to help others cultivate and develop their inner voice to make choices, business and personal. She works with clients to understand the intuition process and to befriend it. Learning to understand the difference between intuition and wishful thinking and one’s attachment to outcomes is critical to making the best possible decisions and living meaningful lives. Decisions we make on a daily basis guides our lives.

Intuition for everyone
It is a myth that humans can’t learn to develop and use their sixth sense. Intuition is an innate skill that we all have. At a very young age, people began using their inner knowledge to make decisions. Survival and well-being depended upon it .