Welcome to Inner Design

Photo of Faye with a dog
Faye Pietrokowsky, Founder of Inner Design – Applying Intuition

Teaching  and coaching came naturally to me.  Other family members were teachers and my grandmother knew things that weren’t spoken.  It was in my genetic makeup.

My grandmother knew things that nobody told her. Visitors with messages came to her in her sleep at night.  Her dreams fascinated and frightened family and friends.  My grandfather, who left this earth some thirty-eight years before my grandmother departed, often spoke to her in her dreams.

A great-great aunt was also visited during her sleeping hours, by a deceased aunt wringing her hands.   “I am sorry. There is nothing that I can do.” Shortly afterwards, a family member would pass away.

My Own Experiences

My unexplained experiences started when I was a young child.  I knew things without knowing how or why.  Over the years, I have learned to both respect and honor the messages and know that they come through me.  I am not the source, just the receiver.

Intuition is Knowledge

Intuition, sixth sense, inner knowing,  or common sense  is powerful.  When combined with logic or facts,it is the formula for great decision-making.  During these difficult and stressful times, we often have to make choices without knowing or being able to have all the information/details.  We are forced to trust our gut to guide us in the right direction.  Standing in the strength of this great ally enriches all aspects of our lives.


Why Would You Hire Me?

I am in the business of helping my clients achieve peace of mind with the decisions that they make, choosing those options that best suit their business, personal and pet issues/challenges.  My role is not to provide answers.  I walk with clients in their discovery  process, encouraging and fostering  an atmosphere that enables and empowers them to fall in love with the intuition, the insightful person that resides within them.   A successful consultation happens when my intuition engages my client’s sixth sense or inner knowledge.  If the information received from me resonates within them, there often is a “yes, that is it.” That is the goal, a handshake between the two minds.

I may serve you in the following ways:

  • Confirm Your Own Intuition
  • Save You Time
  • Help You Clarify Issues
  • Hire The Appropriate Candidates
  • Provide Insights Into Human And Pet Challenges