Recently I heard a story that was too moving not to share.  I was at a fundraiser for Oregon Dachshund Rescue(http://www.odr-inc.org/) sitting within a few feet of several young dachshunds waiting to be adopted out to a loving home.  Some of them had been transported from Oregon, Washington and a few had been flown up from California.  If I ever had any doubts about what a dachshund might look like, I was not about to be disappointed.  There was one that was part labrador.  One was part chihuahua  and another looked like a pug.  Some where black, brown and some were a myriad of colors.  There were short-haired, long-haired, and wiry haired.  I watched them for  a long time  as I have not spent much time with this breed.  They were busy, yes busy wagging their tails, barking, running around in the wired pen, and some were sitting quietly watching.

One volunteer decided to take a break and sit down and visit with me.  She wanted to let me know that a family member had used the services of an animal communicator in the Seattle area.  They were impressed with this communicator’s ability to connect with the family dog.and let the family know that the dog wondered why the family stopped feeding the dog broccoli.  Broccoli, okay, this isn’t the first dog who likes “the green trees.”

I wasn’t prepared for the next story.  This volunteer has many stories of her own.  She has rescued and transported many animals from where they were living or rescued . She has seen dogs surrendered because families moved and couldn’t take their dogs with them.  She has rescued dogs that were in need of a home because a human passed away .  She once was called to a storage container to pick up a small dachshund that was left in someone’s storage with food and water while the person travelled for ten days.  The story that I most remember from our conversations was that of a young homeless many who had to surrender his dachshund because he was going into a shelter that wouldn’t allow him to bring his dog with him.  This little dog was his best friend.  This woman called him to let him know that best friend had found a good home.

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