Seniors and Pets- a Winning Combination

Most people acknowledge that animals are great medicine for people.  You are probably one if you have bothered to take time to read this!  The following is a  “benefits” list that I just found in the northwest Happy Animals in the Fall 2012 issue covering the Eugene, Portland, and Vancouver area.   1) Pets lower blood pressure and pulse rate 2) Seniors with pets have been shown to have 21% fewer visits to the doctor 3) Seniors experience less depression 4) It is easier to make friends because of enhanced social opportunities 5) Seniors become more active 6) Pets offer affection and unconditional love 7) Pets help ease the loss of a loved one 8) Pets fight loneliness 9) You take better care of yourself when taking care of your pet 10) Pets enhance your overall sense of security   Total Loyalty!

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