November 2018
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Fake News And Intuition

These two seem not to have much in common and maybe they don't.  I didn't see a connection and to be perfectly honesty I haven't considered them as allies, enemies  or having a relationship.  Well that ended recently when someone said "Fake news." and pointed to her gut.  "You have to go there to figure it out."  That is a lot of gut checking- MAYBE.

Think That You Wasted Your Time? Think Again!

Have you ever kicked yourself for staying in a job that you hated?

Do you regret not changing a career?

Do you feel that you were in a relationship that didn’t serve you well?

Do you sometimes kick yourself for not taking advantage of an opportunity?

You are not alone, not by a long shot! Most humans have some regrets, misgiving, some what ifs or what might have been.  Perhaps you feel and believe that these bad choices are caused by bad decision-making which inevitably reflects upon one’s relationship with one’s intuition.  It is easy to think that one made mistakes, that one made bad decisions. Perhaps the more appropriate answer is that these events are part of life’s journeys. As we learn from the events and choices that we make, new awareness and possibilities are revealed.   As these   possibilities surface, intuition gazes at the choices, options and provides us with wisdom if only we listen.

Using Intuition to Purchase a Car

Why not due a gut check before making a major purchase like a car?  After all your research, ask yourself does it feel right?  Do you feel calm with your decision?  Someone recently researched the pros and cons with various autos before making a decision.   He test drove the car several times at several different dealerships.  He liked the features.  He liked what people said about the car.

He was all ready to make his purchase until something caught his attention. He wasn't sure what it was. He drove the car again for a couple of minutes.  When he was finished and back in the dealership parking lot, he stepped out of the car and looked around the car lot to see what other cars might be possibilities.  He took a short drive in several other cars and chose one of these.

He was happy with his choice and within a few weeks, a friend told him that he had made a wise choice.  The car that he originally had been considering purchasing was part of a recall by the company!  He was right.  Something wasn't right!

Creativity- Needing a Place To Live

There is a connection between intuition and creativity Sometimes when people are in need the mind creates possibilities.  This sign was on a van that I walked by in Portland.


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