December 2018
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PlanIt Web Services Uses Instincts to Make Best Possible Client Decisons

Ari Milner, owner of PLANIT, (www. plainitinnovate.com) has been helping small businesses  since 2016  take advantage of technology by generating new revenue from marketing.  In addition he coaches them in ways of  improving efficiency and reducing costs by understanding and improving use of technologies .  He agreed to take time from his consulting services to answer some questions.

Please describe your philosophy.

I am available to help the little guys. I strive to be IT (information technology) and web technology resources that my small business clients value.

How old were you when you first started working with clients?

I first started working professionally in IT for my father when I was about 10 years old but first stated working professionally with my own clients when I was in college at age 18.

How did you come by the name PlanIT?

My business is PlanIT. I take pride in using the pun with a logo of the globe of the earth encircled with the symbol of power, the line through the circle.

what role does gut instincts play in problem solving /trouble shooting computer problems?

Intuition is very important in IT troubleshooting. Most of the time the end user describes a problem differently from how a technician may see it.  However, with intuition, a skilled technician can tell the difference between what an end user is describing and what they are actually experiencing in technical terms. Therefore with good intuition, they can more easily understand how to solve the problem.

What role does gut instincts play in creating websites?

Websites are the public face of all small businesses these days. It is as important for a business website to reflect the style and look of the business as it is to reflect the values and culture of the business.  I ask many questions of my clients when creating websites for them but beyond answers to the questions, intuition fills everything else.

How much time do you spend keeping up with changing and growing technology?

The industry is something that I'm always thinking about. I'm constantly reading articles, listening to podcasts, and chatting with colleagues about changes in the industry. This is important in any line of work, but with an industry as fast-paced as technology it is even more important.

In your work with people, how much or how often do you rely on intuition to address client concerns?

I rely on intuition regularly in dealing with my clients as well as project planning and creating proposals for them. I would say that at least once in every engagement with my clients I'm using some form of intuition. In all client interactions, it is important to listen to your clients and adjust your responses in a way that is understandable for your target but also addresses their needs. Most of this is educated guessing as well as intuition.

When you work with clients,  do you think about what you know about the client?

Very much so. This is much more important with small business clients than with corporate clients. Corporate clients tend to be familiar with industry standards, certifications, and common needs or industry standard pricing and expectations. However small business clients typically need more education at varying levels before being comfortable enough to make an informed decision.  It is just as much my job to educate my clients as it is to follow through with them on services. This is also why trust is more important in working with small businesses than with corporate clients. It is extremely important that my small business clients value my expertise in order to build trust and form a mutually beneficial relationship.

Review of 2018 Predictions

As I look back at what I predicted for this last year, it doesn't quite frankly look like predictions.  It looks like what might be expected to happen if one were  paying attention to the news and gathering information from various sources.

In a nutshell I wrote
  • changing weather patterns
  • growing demands for higher wages
  • immigration remains a charged issue
  • fearless journalists are needed more than ever
  • activism of all kinds continue and  new ones emerge
  • creativity and spiritual development are critical to maintaining one's wellness
I was wrong with two particular predictions.
  • People would commit to preparing their own meals to ensure their own health.  I don't believe that this has peaked yet.  It may be a few years down the road.
  • There might be a new president.  Don't believe that this will happen unless there is enough of a current of discontent to get him out of office and/or he becomes too big of a liability for Republicans
Predictions for 2019 will be in January 2019's newsletter.  Stayed tuned.

Prepare Yourself This Holiday Season!

With the upcoming holidays season upon us, it is easy to make bad decisions because we are focusing externally on many things other than our intuition. We fill our calendars with parties, end of the year chores, visits, shopping, cooking, etc.

We abandon our inner world, the voice that speaks to us for our eternal busy lives. Sometimes we pay huge costs for doing so in terms of bad decision-making that may be both financially and emotionally costly. People make poor purchasing choices, hiring and firing decisions and other personal decisions.

So what can you do during this busy season? There are a few things that don’t take much time and energy and can be hugely successful.
  • Take a few minutes to do some deep breathing.
  •  Slow down.   Tell yourself that you have enough time.
  • Don’t overbook appointments or make commitments that stress you.
  • Learn to say no and to let others know that you will reach out after the holiday.
  • This is  a good time to exercise.
  • This is a good time to meditate.
Take an action and make it a priority.

Please Come Out From Under The Sofa!

There is a bit of a mystery with intuition. There are some things that remained unexplained. The how’s and why's are sometimes not revealed, leaving us to guesswork and our imagination.  We attempt to fill in the holes, to paint the picture.  We become detectives trying to understand and solve the puzzle.

Two Kitten Brothers

Very recently I worked with a client who couldn’t understand why her two young rescue cats were hiding under the sofa. Two weeks ago she brought these to brothers home for an animal rescue shelter.  They were so attached to each other, she didn’t have heart to separate the kittens.  So she adopted both.

She didn't know much about these new family members.  Often when people adopt an animal, not all the information is available.  Sometimes animals are found wandering on streets, alleys in front of a home, store, etc.  An animal may be dropped off at a shelter without providing all the information.  People don't always tell the truth about a pet that they are surrendering.

The problem occurred  upon returning home after a trip to the vet's office.  The two cats hid under sofa and remained there the following week.  She wanted to know what she could do to get them to come out.

Animals Decide To Change

We talked for a few minutes and came to the conclusion that the cats were not mistreated at the vets' office and the trip to the vets had not traumatized them.   Sometimes an animal will exhibit a new behavior and for some reason will continue the behavior until it is done with it.  Sometimes the behavior stops and sometimes it doesn’t.  Usually it is the animal's decision to change the behavior.

I suggested that she let the cats be and not pressure them to come out of hiding.   As soon as we finished our conversation, the two of them came out from under the sofa.   Did they hear our conversation?  Only they know and they aren’t talking.

I heard from the client shortly after we talked.  The cats went back into hiding.  I guess it really is up to them to come out from under the sofa permanently.

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  • Predictions for 2019
  • A Business Decision
  • Becoming A Better Listener

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