September 2018
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Cat and Exhusband - Same Disease!!!

I believe it only because i heard it with my own ears.  I have heard  "Can you believe this?" enough times that I am no longer shocked, but amazed, speechless, in awe.   There seems to be a bottomless supply of beyond the realm of logic and this physical world stories.  Her friend's  elderly year old cat was diagnosed with intestinal lymphoma.  Then my friend paused.  "It is almost twelve years to the day that her ex-husband was diagnosed with the same disease."

Gray Cat In A Gray Car

Have you ever been locked  in  a car?   Sounds horrible.  Well, it happened to a cat, yes a cat.  I briefly met her one time.  I don't know if we were introduced.  If so, her name escapes me.  In a very cat-like fashion, she said hello and then walked by me as if I was no different or better than the furniture in her living room, yes her living room.  The woman who feeds, pets and changes this cat's litter box told me the story.  The cat was locked in the car overnight and discovered a clever way to get out of the car.  Cat, you impress me.

You Are Locked In A Car

 You were locked in a car and it is early in the morning, 3a.m. to be exact. There was no way out. Everyone was asleep. The windows were closed. The door was locked. There was no human around. You could have just sleep for a few hours knowing that someone might have come outside of their house to walk or to pick up the morning's newspaper.  Someone may have walked outside in their slippers and housecoat and no one might have noticed  you.

Gray Cat In A Gray Car

Since you are gray, a gray cat in a gray car, it was even less likely that you would have caught a person’s eye.  You might have regretted getting into the car just because you could, just because you were curious. That was 10 hours ago. so what did you do?  You did the only thing possible.  You honked the horn with all the weight in your 10 pound body. You have no idea of the ruckus that you will cause but you can’t stand being in the car.  You annoyed and frightened the other residents who lived on the street, because you woke them up.   Someone' car is being broken into.  There is an intruder in the neighborhood.  They can’t help but think the worst.

"I Am So Sorry"

Your human wakes up like the other neighbors to the screaming alarm. . She looks out her living room window,  and she quickly realizes that it is her car, the gray one that is parked in the driveway, that is the cause of this drama. She is puzzled. There is no one outside.  Did someone try to break into the car?  It is not clear.  What is obvious is that she must go outside and turn off the alarm. She opens the car just to make sure that nothing is missing.  She unlocks the door and sees you.  reaches across the front seat of the car to pet you as she profusely apologies.  She can't say " I am so sorry" enough.

After the neighbors and your human are relieved to know that it is just you and not a prowler, a car hijacker, some teenagers, a malfunctioning car, they are impressed with you.  What in your brain told you to honk the horn?  How did you know what a horn was?  Have you been in a car before? Were you guessing, meaning was it trial and error?  Yes, your mom held you close and apologized. Was that enough?  Do you know, did your mother tell you that the neighbors have a newly found respect for you?  You have created an impression and a memory that will not go away too soon.  Congratulations. By the way, what is your name? I only heard gray cat and gray car.

One Never Knows Where One Will Find Inspiration

A few months ago, I went to visit a friend in Eugene, Oregon.  She lives on the outskirts of the city on a quiet street.  It was Sunday morning when I decided that I needed a little exercise and took a long walk.  I couldn't help admire and take pictures of the creations of one of her neighbors.  No, it didn't inspire me to work with scrap metal or to start welding.  It did motivate me to use my creativity in ways that are comfortable for me- writing, cooking and gardening.

My Own Magic Show!

Intuition can be fun.  You can play a game and experience wonderful adventures by asking yourself and committing to paying attention to your inner voice.  Imagine that you can follow it, as if it were a pull, a magnet, a wave carrying you out to an adventure, perhaps a new experience.

It is not always possible or practical to follow the "pull."  You may have obligations, you may not be able to take off. The demands and obligations weigh us down so when you have an opportunity to follow that hunch, that idea, take it!

Recently I put aside my must complete list and followed the current that took me on a small, fun adventure.  It didn't seem like much. Something said that  I needed to hop on the bus "now".  Really I thought, and wondered why.  Asking my head  to confirm what my intuition is telling me is not very useful.  My experience has been that if I pay  more attention to what my head says, my inner voice loses.  This particular day, my intuition was victorious.

Once I made my decision to get on the bus, I quickly pulled out the bus scheduled to find out when the next bus was coming.  Ten minutes.  Yes, that is all the time that I had to gather my change for the bus, put on my shoes and refill my water bottle.  Not much time and certainly no time to waste.

All the preparation was done within five minutes and I was out the door and walking briskly down the street to the bus stop.  I got there and checked my cell phone to see how long it would be before the bus arrived.  I was five minutes early if the bus was on time.  I sat down on the cement bench to wait.

"Pick A Card"

Within a minute a man who looked no more than twenty something years old sat down next to me on the bench.  He looked at each other and said hello.  He took out a deck of cars and began shuffling them.  "That looks like fun.  Do you play cards often?"  I asked.  "I do magic tricks" he answered.  "Pick a card."  I did and then put it back in the deck as he looked away. He tapped the cards and them spreading them out in a fan shape and picked out the card that i had pulled.  He smiled and I said "wow."

Magic Tricks

The bus arrived and we boarded.  He let me board first and he sat down next to me and we continued to talk.  Within a few minutes he told me how he learned to do magic tricks. " It i a great way to connect with people" he said.  Our interaction that day was certainly proof of this.  I was about to ask him more about card tricks when he stood up and said "Nice talking with you.  Have a good day."  "You too " I said disappointed that our time was up but so happy to have met him .

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