September 2019
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Do Your Investigating!


Have a hunch? Get curious, real curious. Explore it! Be a detective and be a good one. This is a good exercise to see where your investigation may take you. You may find yourself checking out bookshelves, going into stores in person or online. Perhaps something will guide you to travel to another city or country.

I have had my own food curiosity recently. My mind has been exploring gluten free flours new recipes that I have created. That means researching ingredients, and tasting my own creations and some store products. I have noticed the many commercial gluten free flours for purchase. Most store packages cost less than $5 and are made from grains, which means a lot of carbohydrates. This is not good for some people like me who have sugar addictions. If I eat a lot of products with gluten free flours, I start craving sugar. I know that I am not alone.

Because I don’t see many flours made from nuts, I have wondered if nut flours are much more expensive. Today, I found a package of nuts and seeds flour. It was almost $11 which confirmed my suspicions. Yes, it is much more expensive.

I know what the next step is and will write more in a future blog. Time to let my guidance dance in the kitchen.

What Makes You Think That You Might Know everything?

The information Within

It really is simple. It requires a trust, a belief that your inner wisdom works like a sweeper collecting information from every direction, possibly from every situation and contact. You just have to believe that something that you can’t see knows things about people, situations and places.

    Doubt Less. Trust More.

    “You will never follow your own inner voice until you clear up the doubts in your mind.”
    ― Roy T. Bennett

    Give Her The Tomato!

    That is what I wanted to say but didn't. It wasn't my business. I didn't hear the entire conversation between the woman at the farmer's market and the vendor. I saw the vendor taking some paper that looked like coupons in exchange for produce. The buyer had a large beautiful tomato in her hand that she wanted to buy. The vendor said "one dollar" that was followed by an awkward silence. The two were staring at each other.

    I didn't know what the story was, but it seemed ridiculous. It was only a tomato. So I got a dollar out of my wallet and handed it to the vendor. The vendor gives me a dirty look. Did I spoil something?

    So after I handed the vendor the dollar, I picked up some mint and started a conversation with two women who walked up to the vendor's table. I looked at the mint and realized that it was a lot of mint, more than I could use (dehydrating it to put in espresso coffee). I pulled out some of the mint from the bunch that I was about to buy and handed it to one woman who just wanted a little bit. She didn't ask for it. She said that she liked mint, but didn't use enough to purchased a bundle of it. She thanked me and handed something that she was purchasing to the woman standing next to her. We all laughed about this exchange.

    The woman woman standing on the other side of me at the vendor's table thanked me for helping her with her tomato purchase. I noticed that she had a baby with her and learned that her six week old baby daughter is named Egypt. We talked about how the baby got her name.

    So what started with a surly farmer's market vendor blossomed to sharing, smiles and good conversation. All this came about because something told me to stop at the vendor's booth when i wasn't planning to do so.

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