October 2019
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Great Decisions

Taking Time May Lead To Fewer Mistakes

We often hear "use your time wisely." You might think that this refers to not wasting time. What about taking time to slow down? See what happens. Taking time that you "don't have" may prevent to make wise choices, may save time, money, energy, physical and emotional energy.

Too many clients have shared stories about drawing wrong conclusions, making choices too quickly, causing all kinds of disasters. One woman lamented her poor hiring choices that came about because she rushed decisions and not seeking the advice of her managers. Another client told me that while under pressure to hire a manager, he offered the job to the wrong candidate which cost his company both time and money.

People pleasing can be a cause of poor decision-making. Not wanting to say no, my cousin hired her friend's daughter, who badly needed employment, to take care of her mother. Within a year, my cousin discovered that the friend's daughter had been stealing money from her mother.

Not taking time may include not asking oneself enough questions, doing enough research to make optimal decisions. Not taking time may prevent one from receiving inspiration and input. Perhaps some quiet time will lead to ideas that only present themselves because the mind is still and receptive. Taking reflection time to ask yourself what you know about the questions at hand allows both intuition and your logical side to have conversations.

Want A Tip?

Make it easy on yourself so that you will develop a practice for checking in with your gut. Develop a quick checklist.

A. Does this make sense?

B. Is this wishful thinking or is this my inner voice speaking?

C. What does my logic tell me?

D. Is this in my best interest?

My Friend Kitty

She has been gone a long time. Long time is a relative term, which may depend upon how long one has lived, one's sense of time, etc. This is what I mean. Kitty and I were friends for most of our lives, hers anyway. She died in 2002. We met around 1973 and there was a period of years when she lived in Egypt and we lost contact. Actually we met when we were young and didn't realize it til many years later. We both were involved in a dance performance at the local library when I was second grade and she was in fourth grade. We discovered this only after Kitty's mother discovered an announcement of the library performance in a box of papers.
Kitty believed in the world beyond the physical one. She wasn't shy about talking about it but reserved her sharing with people who believed in other realities that exist beyond the five senses. She called it magical and mystical how the world and people in it helped her in many ways by providing her, information, rides and much more. Her life was greatly enriched by happenstance meetings with strangers who sometimes became her friends, if only for a brief period of time. Kitty just seemed to think about something or inquire, and support and answers were presented to her.

Her stories were fascinating. One of my favorite stories is the one Kitty tells about her teenage son who came to visit her in Egypt. They traveled to other countries. The two were lost in one city and found their way by walking up and down streets with Kitty leading the way, knowing somehow, someway she would the find the place. And she did. She and her son the stopped at a coffee shop, or perhaps it was a grocery store or super market. It doesn't matter. The place wasn't significant. The conversation between a man whom she said hello to was the point of the story. He said "We have been waiting for you. Welcome to -----."

The man gave her some food and some information, some guidance and needless to say was the highlight of the trip that she and her son took. Years later her son would tell the story differently. He didn't appreciate the trip. As a fifteen year old, he wanted to be home and not traveling with his mother. He did remember the man that had been expecting them and as he aged he boldly shared the experience of the man in the small town who greeted him.

Although his mother departed years ago, her son believes in "that" world that his mother guided her life by with full faith and conviction. No doubt if Kitty has been watching from wherever she is now would be proud that the story of their travels lives on and that the world beyond the five sense is part of her son's life too.

A Doctor's Intuition

I observed my mother's doctor mull over her answer before selecting a medicine for my mother. She took a minute or two, looked away from my mother and then looked back at her. "I think that we can try this." She didn't have a lot of time and I didn't want to quiz her, but I am willing to bet that she thought about my mother's medical history and the selection of available drugs and created a formula for success for my mother. By the way, the doctor selection worked!

Intuition Is More Than A Good Guess!

Give yourself some credit. You deserve it. What you may be merely passing of as good guessing, is much more than that. Think of intuition as a scholar that has an extensive filing cabinet or a computer with many documents that it refers to address challenges, questions, observations, etc. You have collected the information and filed it to retrieve when you need it at a later date. Your gut provides the clues and the notes that have been collected on your behalf and knocks on your awareness door by sending visual, auditor, kinesthetic and other types of message.

Support For Your Goals and Dreams

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