March 2019
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Soothe Your Soul!

During these tense times, finding ways to stay grounded can make a huge difference. Have you or do you ask yourself what do I need to feel mentally and emotionally well?

Sounds obvious. Yet few people take this kind of self-care. Think for a moment. How many people do you know who make their wellness a priority?

What anchors you? What gives you pleasure? What makes you smile, inside and out? What sparks your imagination? What makes you feel alive?  Perhaps you have your own questions, criteria, and your own check off list. If you don’t, why not take a few minutes to ask?

Ask and Wait To Receive!

I have made these suggestions to clients and wish that I had followed up with them to learn if they got results. I didn’t and people seldom contact me to let me know if anything happened.   I am really asking if they put their interests, concerns and/or wishes out into the world with a thought, a plan or perhaps a meditation or a prayer.

Requests Seldom Go Unanswered

In my experience if one wishes or searches for an answer or insights, the request is seldom turned down. Answers usually surface, particularly when one is not searching.  It might be information, an idea. Sometimes the “information might be changing, life changing. This happened to me a few hours ago.

Just the previous day, I was thinking that it would be nice if I could find someone to fix a relative’s old hall furnace that was improperly installed and condemned by the city. Several people looked at the furnace but I wasn’t satisfied that these people knew how to fix the heater. A contractor promised me tat he would send someone to look at and give me an estimate but the man never called. It had to be taken care of because it wasn’t safe and she wasn’t allowed to use it until it was repaired. Surely there had to be an answer, but where and who?

Not Have Long To Wait

I didn’t have long to wait. I was driving down a street and recognized one of the neighbor’s homes. It was an old family friend.   A truck was in the driveway and the door to the home was partially opened. It was an a bit peculiar to see the door to this very private man’s home door partially open.   I stopped the car and crossed the street to go over to the house. I went up to the door and saw Howard standing inside the door watching two men who were about ready to install what looked a wall heater.

It was the same wall heater. Here was my answer and I didn’t have long to wait. Soon the heater would be fixed.

A World War II Spy

It makes sense. I have heard it many times from police officers, detectives and investigators. They all may need to rely on their sixth sense to solve crimes, do their daily activities, and to save lives. They have to make quick judgments, decisions and often don’t have all the information that might be helpful. That is the perfect formula for relying on gut instincts. It is the data you have, the unspoken data based upon feelings and thoughts, past experiences, nuances, tones body language.

Code Name:Lise

I was recently reminded of this when reading a book about a female World War II British name Odette (Her spy name was Lis). The book is called Code Name: Lise and was written by Larry Loftis. He tells the reader about her adventures as a spy. It is obvious from his stories that she had to develop and depend upon her instincts to both survive and to provide the British with information

One story was an account of how Odette was almost caught by Germans in a home where she was staying overnight. Germans knocked on the door the following morning and demanded that the woman who lived in the house show them every room. The woman who lived in the house agreed to show them to each room. When they got to Odette’s room, the woman told the German that her niece was in the room, sleeping, sick with the flu. The Germans believed the story and didn’t enter the room. Odette avoided being captured thanks to the woman’s quick thinking, good instincts, or maybe it was luck.

Slow Down! You Move Too Fast!

The year was 1966 and the song 59th Street Bridge Song by Simon and Garfunkel was heard by the world. The lyrics weren’t al that complex. “Slow Down You Move Too Fast...” Maybe you know it. Maybe you remember. Maybe you have heard it.

Miss Out

The words are still true today. Most of us move way too fast. We miss out on much of life when literally move too fast. Some of what goes by us may be nuances, expressions on faces, and other “things” that might enrich our lives.

Years ago, many years ago, I was without a car for months. Aside from rides from others, my feet carried me places and the city buses were my only forms of transportation. I was forced to slow down. Suddenly my world changed in ways that I had not anticipated. I noticed children playing, people in parks and on sidewalks interacting with humans and animals. Murals on walls suddenly appeared. I heard conversations on trains and buses that made me think about things that I might not have thought about ever often or perhaps at all.

Huge Repercussions

Sometimes what we miss can have higher consequences than new thoughts, a smile or a color on a building. We may miss out on making quality decisions, some having huge repercussions, costly in many ways.

You are also missing out on more by moving too quickly. Your intuition may want t have a few words with you. You don’t want to miss that, right?

Intuition and Creativity Feed People

Perhaps you have never thought about it or maybe you have never connected the two. The two are intuition and creativity. If you are one of these people, you would not be alone. Consider this notion. Sometimes people become very creative because they may lack resources to resolve a problem, create possibilities, or discover a solution.

The intuition kicks in and your mind goes through its files looking for people and situations and perhaps organizations that may help. You may start brainstorming with others. Minds engage. Ideas are born.

Dreams Become A Reality

This is a story that I heard on the radio about a man who wanted to help others but didn’t have the resources. So, he did what many would do talk with others who know others. Conversations led to other conversations and soon this man’s dreams became a reality.

intuition, 40% of Food  grown in the United States Is Thrown Away- Wasted!

The radio host of this program interviewed this man who greatly wanted to help people access food that they couldn’t afford. He knew that much of this nation’s food is thrown away. Some studies cite as much as 40% of food produced in this country is wasted. Much of it is food that Americans waste in their own home. However some of it is tossed because it is imperfect, like the carrot that looks like it has an appendage or an orange that has spots on it or a cucumber that looks a little bit peculiar.

I don’t know how many people have been feed because of this person’s actions or who continue to benefit from intuition and brainstorming and the action taken.

Support For Your Goals and Dreams

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