June 2019
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Pay Attention

“People may not tell you how they feel about you, but they always show you.  Pay attention.”


A Reminder

Consider this concept.  You know more than you realize.  Respect your  own awareness.  Pay attention to what you notice.


A Lesson in Trusting The Quiet Voice

I have a confession to make. Sometimes I ignore my intuition. It has happens when I play cards and something tells me to take one set of cards instead of another. Sometimes I am at the store and a little voice says buy more because it won’t be here next time you are shopping here. I have ignored this beckoning more than once.
Recently, I packed two glass shot glasses into a luggage that I checked in at the airport. I looked at one of the glasses and asked myself why I didn’t just take it in my carry on bag? I remember thinking that I didn’t like the glass that much. That seemed like a strange response.
Twenty-one hours later when I arrived at my destination and unpacked my luggage, I discovered that one shot glass was missing. My premonition had been right. I am grateful that something more important was not taken. It may be a long time before I check in luggage again. Better yet, maybe I will heed my own inner advisor’s suggestion.

Woman In The Red Jacket

Sixty minutes was all the time that I had after I parked the car and walked into the store.  I was on a mission to buy walnuts, Brazil and pistachio nuts from the store's bulk bins and drive back home to make my green drink before I walked up the street to play my card game.

My eyes spotted the nuts as I grabbed the recyclable plastic bags to put them in before securing them with the white twist ties.  As I began to fill the Brazil nuts into the first bag, I noticed a woman wearing a red coat standing behind me. " What a nice coat" I said to her and turned back to continue collecting and bagging the nuts. The voice in the red coat spoke "It is twenty years old." I told that it looked new and indeed it did. "They don't make clothes like they used to." I smiled in agreement.

I thought that it was the end, but it wasn't. "Nothing is like it used to be,” she continued. I looked in her direction and noticed she was looking at something in one of the bulk bins.  I answered her anyway. " Things will change." Still looking away she returned my comment with "They have to." There was a minute of silence before she spoke. " I feel sorry for kids today who have to deal with transgender." I was shocked that a stranger would say something so personal.  However, I wasted no time in letter her know that "I am more concerned with climate change.  If we don't deal with that, we won't be here to talk about transgender issues. There was a deafening silence followed by a glance in my direction and "Have a good day." The woman in the red coat walked away.

A Farmer's Market Vendor Reminds Me

It happened yesterday, Sunday morning. Sunday was my designated day to go to the farmer's market and buy my produce.  Yesterday was different, because I didn't get to the market until almost noon. a couple of hours later than my usual 9:30-10:30 time.

My time at the market would be short, limited by the  small amount of cash in my purse.  That was a good thing.  There were too many things that I wanted to get done at home before my  weekly movie date with neighbors.  (Every week we watched a movie that was popular twenty, thirty, forty or fifty years ago that the neighbors taped on the television, rented from the library or purchased online.)   I purchased  the vegetables that I needed and then walked past a vendor who sold apples and avocados.  My eyes noticed a box of pathetic looking organic apples that were discounted.  I went over to take a quick peek.  Yup the life was going out of them.  Their time was running out.  There weren't many options left- juice, baked, sauced or whatever the imagination might invent.

Some might perhaps call rescuing dying fruit codependency.  However, it makes good ecological sense to not waste food.  So I bought a enough withered-looking apples to make a quart plus apple sauce.  As I purchased the apples and grabbed a few lonely looking avocados , I looked at the vendor and said "You must get up early to get here on time to set up your booth.  It was more of a statement than a question.  He was up early all right, 4:30 a.m. to b exact.  He went on to explain that the early Sunday morning traffic wasn't difficult,   "Are you tired?" I inquired.  "No.  I feel good.  If I tell myself I feel bad then I will feel bad."  Right then and there I realized that he was reminding me that we are what we think, and the importance of our thoughts.

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