July 2019
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Quiet Reflection Is A Necessity During Difficult Times

During these trying and turbulent times, a few minutes of quite time can go a long way  to maintaining serenity.  Find your time.  Give yourself  some peace of mind.

Harmony In The Home

I have yet to hear that losing a pet is easy. People sometimes say that the letting go process was a little easier because the pet’s quality of life was reduced by pain, age, etc. A void is created and we are left with our photos and memories.  Sometimes the loss is so great that people rush to find another pet to avoid feeling the pain. This may be done on behalf of other family pets or humans and sometimes both.

(Pets also grieve the loss of humans and animals. I have heard stories of dogs waiting at the edge of their driveway for their deceased canine friend.  Some animals exhibit signs of loss of appetite and listlessness after losing a beloved one.)

After losing a pet, some people vow to never get another pet because they don’t want to feel that much emotional pain. Others wait until they are emotionally ready to love again, meaning some healing has occurred.

Big Hole In Their Lives and Heart

A client lost one of her two collies.  Both she and the remaining dog missed the dog that had died. There was a big hole in their lives and their hearts. She did not know if she was ready to bring another dog home. She didn’t have much time to think about it when she learned that a collie needed a home. She decided to take a chance and visit the rescue dog. The two met and she still wasn’t certain if she was ready or if the dog would fit into her family. Would the dog be a good fit? Could and would the two dogs become friends? These were important questions that had no answers.

She Discussed The Situation

She went home and thought about the dog and her dog at home and then decided to take her dog with her to make a decision. If the two dogs got along, she would bring the rescue home.  On the drive to meet the rescue, she discussed the situation with her dog. She let him know that if he didn’t like the dog, she wouldn’t bring him home with them. She imagined that her dog understood.

When they arrive, the two dogs met and seemed to like each other. She decided to take a chance and bring the dog home.  It took a few months for the dogs to get to know each other. The new dog quickly learned from the other dog. They are now best friends.

intuition Can Play A Real Part In People's Decision Making

"It's all about learning to use unconscious information in your brain," he said. Just as people can become more comfortable making decisions when they apply logic and reasoning, they may also become more adept at trusting their intuition when they use it more frequently over time

Joel Pearson, an associate professor of psychology at the University of New South Wales in Australia

"I Trust My Gut."

Want to learn more about writer, editor, and Nobel Literature prize winner Toni Morrison?  Don’t miss the documentary The Pieces I am, which is in theaters now.  Morrison talks about her childhood and paints a picture for viewers of this brilliant woman whom we know for her teachings, editing and writing.   She is now in her eighties and has been enriching students, readers and the public, nationally and internationally, with her gifts for years. She knows what makes for good writing and works her craft to publish her works and for decades helped other writers become successful.

Like many, Morrison relies on her instincts.  In The Pieces I Am, Morrison mentioned that while writing Song of Solomon, she knew that her father would guide her writing, and he did.  “I trust my gut,”she said.

Wanna Cup Of Coffee?

Leo, the mailman, and I are friends. The demands of his job confined us to short conversations. We did a lot in those few minutes, which were no more than ten. We snatched a few minutes as he walked up to the porch to deliver the mail and a few more minutes as he stood on the porch before walking back to his mail truck to move on to the next neighbor.

Discussions Over Espresso

We talked about food; nutrition; his passion for photography; social and world issues; and changing diets. I told him about my recipes and my cookbook writing. I let him sample my food experiments and appreciated his feedback. We discussed all this over espresso that I made, one for me and one for him. His was different from mine. I added a little piece of dried mint and added few drops of chocolate stevia drops. Sometimes I left the coffee in a thermos for Leo on the porch when I didn’t have time to talk or couldn’t wait for him.

I looked forward to his visits. While I didn’t know his exact time of arrival, I did know his work shifts, which rotated every couple of weeks.

Want A Cup of Coffee?

I had not seen him in a few days and assumed that he would be delivering mail that day, a Saturday. I was wrong.  Another carrier showed up to deliver the mail. He walked up the two front porch steps to hand me the mail. I looked down at the thermos that was sitting on the step right near the mailbox.   I wasn’t going to drink it. I had already had my two espresso drinks.  As the mailman advanced on the porch and handed me the mail, I asked him if he would like a really good cup of espresso. He smiled as wide as his face would let him and his eyes lit up. He was thrilled and so was I to give him the coffee. Such a small thing brought such a big response!

Support For Your Goals and Dreams

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