August 2019
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Intuition Coaching Available

Telephone, Skype, or Facetime weekly and bimonthly 60 and 90 sessions are available to support You. Developing and trust your 6th sense to make top of the line decisions, including hiring, firing, staff management, public relations, project choices, career evaluations, personal relationships and more. No issue is too little or too big to use both your logic and intuitive information. Discover ways to make great choices. Proudly own your decisions-making process. Call or text 503-804-9747 or email faye@inner-design.net.

Can't See Your Intuition. Does That Matter??

For years I have noticed that some people have trouble both using and trusting their instincts because they do not have a logical explanation for "it." Think about it. If you want proof, there isn't always visible, tangible truth. You may be guided to make a call, send an email, visit a website, observe a person or situation for no apparent reason. Consider this. You drive a car without understanding how all the components work. You use appliances without knowing each and everyone of them. A computer, a cell phone and an ipad are examples of THINGS that we TRUST.

Perhaps, just perhaps intuition is like a computer hard drive that is continually running in the background collecting information and disseminating it.

Intuition is Like A Library

Intuition knows more than you consciously know .  It is one of your best friends, certainly a valuable ally, constantly looking out for your best interests. It warns you to be careful, who to trust.  It may guide you to discover answers, possibilities.  Your instincts may help  you save money in the most interesting ways, perhaps guiding you to a sale or to a source of opportunity.

Pay attention.  Observe your world around and your response to people, places and events.  Many  miss opportunities by not taking time to listen to the inner voice.  Your thoughts are valuable.  Pretend that your sixth sense is your very own private library, your inner world with lots of resources. It is yours.  Maybe, just maybe, it is not pretending!

Albert Einstein Said...

All great achievements in science start from intuitive knowledge, namely, in axioms, from which deductions are then made. … Intuition is the necessary condition for the discovery of such axioms.

Albert Einstein

Interesting Article About Intuitive People

If you are intuitive, you will identify with this article.  If you aren't intuitive and logic and reasoning and facts are your strengths, perhaps you will find something of interest in this article.


Support For Your Goals and Dreams

Coaching in-person, by telephone or on Skype tailored to you, your dreams and ambitions. Supporting you in becoming the best possible you. No charge for the first session or two as we explore what is possible. Contact faye@innerdesignintuition.com.
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