October 2022
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Need A Calm Mind?

Need A Calm Mind?

What steps do you take to slow down your fearful mind. Do you have techniques when fear wants to become your dear friend? Here are a few suggestions.
  • Breathe
  • Stay in the present. Fear and anxiety breed when we imagine that tomorrow, next week and next month will be as bad or worse than today.
  • Look for the beauty and kindness around you.
  • Differentiate between fact and fiction.
  • Exercise. Movement changes energy.
  • Meditate and notice your thoughts and feelings.
My Chocolate Mistake

My Chocolate Mistake

So, I gathered a little courage and took the ingredients out of the cupboard, placed them into a pan and heated and stirred until everything dissolved into liquid. I greased a large glass dish and poured the chocolate mixture into the glass dish. I could almost taste the chocolate. My mind was racing and so were my taste buds.

Short List of Ingredients

Chocolate was much easier to make than I imagined. In fact I avoided trying to make chocolate because my fears told me that it would be difficult. A friend emailed me a link to for making chocolate and wrote "It doesn't look difficult." I had to take a look. Sure enough the ingredient list was short-cocoa powder, cocoa butter, honey, coconut oil and maybe one or two more ingredients. What did I have to lose? What could be the worst thing that could happen? I would have to toss it . Perhaps it might taste good and look horrible. Maybe it would be inedible.

Here is where I made a mistake, the MISTAKE. I didn't let the concoction cool down before placing it in the refrigerator. I left it in the cold box overnight and somewhere, sometime in the middle of the night I woke up realizing what I had done. Yikes!!! Dreading what I might find, I opened the refrigerator door the next morning and peaked inside. Yes my intuition was right. The chocolate seriously looked awful. Not joking. I could not imagine eating it, let alone sharing it or sharing it with anyone. It was one large block that was so hard that I had to hack it to break off a piece! That wouldn't work. So, I decided to do the only practical thing ask for help. It took a logical mind to suggest that I leave the glass pan of chilled chocolate on a kitchen counter until it soften before I cut it. I took the advice. (What did I have to lose?) I did as I was told and then cut chocolate squares. Well, it was delicious, not too sweet and definitely rich in taste!

Lesson Learned!

Since my first attempt, I have made more chocolate. No the chocolate doesn't go into the refrigerator until the pan has cooled down and no it doesn't stay in the refrigerator more than a few hours.
No Words Are Needed.

No Words Are Needed.

Considering Purchasing A Car?  Consider the following.

Considering Purchasing A Car? Consider the following.

Is this study a possibly true? Car buyers who had plenty of time to pour over all of the information about their various car choices were later found to be satisfied with their purchase only 25% of the time. Meanwhile, those buyers who made a quick, intuitive decision about their car purchase were found to be satisfied with their purchase 60% of the time.
Intuition Quote

Intuition Quote

“There is a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen.” Anonymous

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