February 2020
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His Intuition Told Him To Tell Me

I was recently purchased avocados and some greens at a farmers' market and was about to leave the vendor's table. The vendor, a short man with lucid blue eyes, looked at me as he handed over the chives. "You can cut off the bottoms and plant them" he said. He said it as an afterthought or maybe it wasn't. I took his word for it and said "really." It was more of a question than a statement. "Okay I will try it" I promised him.

I went home that day and planted the bottoms of the chives in the garden and forgot about them for several weeks. A few days ago I was in the garden removing weeds. There were the chives a few inches taller than when I had planted them.

The Chocolate That Wasn't

The cocoa butter plastic container sat on the first shelf of the kitchen cupboard for many months before I opened it. The small plastic container made its way down from the shelf to the kitchen counter several times to no avail. It didn't see the daylight of the kitchen because its lid was not removed.

Maybe I thought that inspiration would guide me to open the roasted cocoa butter container and make chocolate. Commercial chocolate had sugar and additives that make most products far from pure and healthy. Could it be made without added sugars and regular sugar?

I read that it wasn't difficult to make it, but I had no experience to prove it. I had come close to creating chocolate several several times. Close was not enough. The cocoa butter container still sat on the shelf in the kitchen cupboard. That was until last week when I decided to get brave. What did I have to lose, a bad batch of chocolate? Well, it couldn't be that bad. How bad could it taste? The worst case scenario might be that I might have to throw the chocolate away.

Within the last week I decided to dive off the diving board and take a chance, a food chance. I was going to make chocolate, even if it wasn't perfect, even if it doesn't taste good.

Signature Fruit

So I looked up a recipe on the internet. Coincidentally, a friend sent me internet link for making chocolate and told me that it didn't look that difficult. She was right. It was simple. The list of ingredients was short and included cocoa powder, a sweetener, and a few other items. I added my own touch, my signature- fruit instead of sugar.

I cooked up my experiment and poured it into a glass dish. Unfortunately, I hadn't thought through what to do next. So, I made a mistake and didn't let the chocolate cool down before placing it into the refrigerator. A few hours later, in the middle of the night, I woke and realized that the chocolate should not have been put into the refrigerator. It would be as hard as a rock. That is exactly what happened. Even a knife couldn't cut through the chocolate.

I did the only thing that I could think of-post my problem on Facebook. Sure enough I got suggestions. I took the glass dish out of the refrigerator and let the chocolate soften. I rolled the chocolate into balls and then refrigerated them. They were delicious. Next time, and there will be a next time, I will think through what I want the chocolate to look like after I have stirred the ingredients.

Intuition In Times Of Stress

You may not think about the powers of your inner wisdom when you feel under seized with life's challenges. Most people don't. The focus is on the "fires" that you need to extinguish, right? This is not the time to negate and not utilize one of the best parts of ourselves. Intuition is a loyal, steadfast friend, always there coaching, cheering and wishing us well.

Intuition Is Invaluable

Remember paying extra attention to intuition is invaluable because it is the part of us that guides to great decision-making along with logical, factual information. Intuition is often in the background, quietly observing people places.

Talk silently or out loud to your inner guidance. This sounds silly, preposterous, and maybe embarrassing. Actually, I honestly don't know anyone who activates or engages their sixth sense in such a deliberate and obvious way, meaning having out loud conversations. However, I do recall a professional real estate agent consulting a stuffed animal (a teddy bear or a dog) that she kept in the trunk of her car to inquire how to communicate with clients. She asked such questions like: what house should I show I show this person or family? What are their concerns? What are their fears about purchasing a house? What is important to them? What restaurant or coffee shop should I take the client to eat to discuss homes that are for sale?

Ask For Guidance

Of course it isn't the stuff animal talking. It is the the woman listening to the messages that she hears. Simply put she was asking for information and guidance.

You might be wondering if these conversations were helpful. The answers is yes. She connected with clients and sold many homes which she credited to years of experience and conversations with her friend in the trunk of your car or on the living room sofa. Make it simple. Get quiet any time, any place. It is your job to be a good listener. It is your job to become curious. It is your job to listen. Try it, and notices what happens.

Intuition Quote

"Trust your hunches. They're usually based on facts filed away just below the conscious level."

Joyce Brothers

Don't Park The Car There

He didn't have a good feeling about the car but he bought it anyway. He didn't pay a lot for it. That was the easy part of it. He knew that repairing it would be expensive. He didn't care, not at the time but then the car was relatively young, and like a young human, it didn't have a lot of health problems. So he took his chance and bought it.

Four year later, the car had a few issues and would need some mechanical attention and an outpouring of money. Perhaps it was time to get rid of it. He tried and tried, but couldn't find a buyer. So after awhile he gave up or perhaps it might be better to say that he took a break. He didn't attempt to sell the car again until he met people who needed to that buy a car. Then he mentioned that his car was for sale. Still no buyers appeared.

So he kept insuring and driving the car. He parked the car in front of his house until the street parking became difficult. He began looking for another place to park the car. A relative offered a solution. Park the car in the church parking lot. It was a big lot and it was always almost empty at night. There was a metal gate at the entrance of the parking lot, prevented cars from driving through. However, the gate wasn't locked and had anyone really taken a good look, it would have been easy to detect this.

Perhaps, had there been a lock on the gate, this story wouldn't be told. He was safe for awhile, months, possibly for a couple of years. Then one morning it happened. He got a call from a relative who worked at the church informing him that someone had damaged the right front end of the car. No note was left, just the shattered glass and dented front end of the car told the tale.

He was angry. Who could do this? How could someone actually hit a car and not take responsibility? He hoped that someone had witnessed the accident and would come forward with information.

No informants appeared. While he waited and waited and hoped for the story of his car, he remembered that something told him not to leave his car there in the parking lot. Someone had warned him about leaving a car in the vacant lot at night. Yes, he had been warned but it was other people's intuition, not his. He reflected upon the beautiful car that bought he purchased years earlier. It was his ego, not practicality, not gut instincts that put this vehicle in his life and then took away its beauty.

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