December 2020
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Coaching Available

Coaching Available

Enhance Your Intuition Abilities Improve your Communication With Your Animal Companions Make Nutritional Change ( save money, assess your food habits, learn how to shop, create delicious sugar-free foods) Call 503-804-9747 or email me at  [email protected]  Let's talk.  Let's visit.

Puppy Sweetness

The Cat Must Have Heard

The Cat Must Have Heard

This has to sound strange but it really happened a few days ago.  The story is fresh in my mind.  I got a call from a client.  Her niece was missing her cat who did not come home the night before.  This was very unusual and out of character for the family cat. The entire family went to look for …
Intuition More Important Than Ever

Intuition More Important Than Ever

I always thought that intuition was important. How could I not? Many of my decisions have been and are guided by my instincts by my own experiences. It wasn't just my experiences. Enough people had shared their stories about how intuition works in their lives. I am a believer. Now in a time of crisis and high stress, making good …

Your Inner Intelligence

“Intuition is the highest form of intelligence, transcending all individual abilities and skills.”- Sylvia Clare

Support For Your Goals and Dreams

Coaching available to supporting you in achieving your goals and dreams. Contact [email protected].
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