August 2021
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Inspiration From A Plant!

Inspiration From A Plant!

I stumbled upon sorrel at a nursery sale. I didn't know what it was which isn't saying much because I am new to gardening and appreciating the beauty and nutritional generosity of plants. I was drawn to its beauty and had no idea that it was a plant with origins that are centuries old. I had to be told its …
Save Money! Let Your Intuition Guide You!

Save Money! Let Your Intuition Guide You!

Stop and think for a minute.  Haven't you stopped and reflected before making a purchase and were so glad that you did.  What were the benefits?  Was saving money one of them? Want to develop your intuitive wizardry, email me at faye@inner-design.net .  Individual and group sessions are available.
Cook With Your Gut! Let Your Hands Lead The Way!

Cook With Your Gut! Let Your Hands Lead The Way!

It wasn't me.  I am sure that it wasn't!  After 10-15 attempts with no luck at creating my own homemade veggie burger, I finally happened upon a Utube video in which a suggestion was made that I had not considered.  I followed one of the ideas in the video and then added a few ideas that popped into my head.  …

Nurturing Your Intuition

Perhaps it has never occurred to you. You assume that your inner barometer is always there and you are right. Insights and instincts. It is a relationship, much like one that you have with plants, humans and pets. You talk to your humans. You talk to your pets. Do you talk with your plants out loud or quietly too? Entertain …

"Things Go Better With Your Intuition"

Let go of the critical mind. Move it aside. Stop the chatter and let innovation come to you.

Support For Your Goals and Dreams

Coaching available to supporting you in achieving your goals and dreams. Contact faye@innerdesignintuition.com.
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