January 2022
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Befriend Your Intuition And Watch Your Life Change Right In Front of You!!

Private and corporate  and individual training designed to help you understand your decision-making process and how to use it for personal and professional enhancement.  Interested? Contact me by phone (503) 804-9747 or email faye@inner-design.net.
2022 Predictions

2022 Predictions

Covid Covid will wax and wane over the next year while distrust and skepticism of government, media, and the medical profession skyrockets. What Do You Observe? Does nothing appear to be the same? Does much seem different? The weather can't be predicted leaving us to become comfortable with the uncomfortable. That is just the beginning of a changing world. Changes …

Intuition Is:


Does Your Intuition Ever Tell You Not To Quit?

Imagine that you keep trying to get something to put something back that you took out or took apart. For example perhaps you took out a screw from an appliance that you can't put back into place. Perhaps you removed some glass or a shelf from the inside of the refrigerator and can't put it back where it belongs. You …

Support For Your Goals and Dreams

Coaching available to supporting you in achieving your goals and dreams. Contact faye@innerdesignintuition.com.
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