March 2023
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Photographer Visualizes and Dog Poses!

Photographer Visualizes and Dog Poses!

Aside from reading great stories, the best ones are not the ones that I search for or invent, but the ones that people share with me. They are truly gifts.  The following story is no different.  It was told by a pet photographer when I needed one more blog story.  She (will call her Lisa)is in my address list of …
Intuition And Passion-Please Take Charge!

Intuition And Passion-Please Take Charge!

Did you know that Intuition and passion are a natural pair that work well together? You have experienced the two as an artist, a writer, a cook, a builder, a designer, an inventor, a gardener, and/or a creator of sorts. As you stare at a piece of wood, suddenly an idea is discovered. You may be a cook who is …
He Answers To The Name Lance!

He Answers To The Name Lance!

No one knows his name,  where he came from or anything about him.  How was that he was found wandering on a country road away from any homes?  Did he escape?  Was he kidnapped?  Did somebody decide to get rid of him?  What is his story? What is known is that someone saw him, placed him into a vehicle, and  …

Intuition Quote

“Intuition is the language of silence, the Existential language. The word "in-tuition" means to listen within yourself. Intuition is the silent voice within, which is already in contact with the Existence." Swami Dhyan Giten

Would you call it luck, intuition or just a coincidence?

It started two nights ago when an idea popped into my head to check the price of kinesiology tape in local stores before purchasing it at Target or Rite-Aid. (I have been using the tape on the bottom of my feet to support my weak muscles around my arches.  I have been fortunate that someone had been changing the tape …

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