May 2023
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Stay Tuned

A new Facebook page will be appearing sometime in May/June that will be totally dedicated to the topic of intuition.

It Was Doomed From The Start

I wanted to make my ice cream and freeze it in 4 or 5 eight ounce  white glass yogurt containers.  I only had an hour in the kitchen before I had to move on to do other things.  One of the most important ingredients that I needed to make the ice cream to give it some bulk, I did not …

When Ego Has A Collision With Intuition

I would like to say that it never happens but it does.  I did it again a few days ago.  I was tired, hungry and didn't have a lot of time.  That is a set up for bad outcomes and it did produce bad results. I needed to eat dinner, and didn't have a lot of choices.  It was bad …

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