December 2023
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Private Intuition Coaching Session

Everyday decisions include utilizing your logic and insights.  Learn how to trust your inner voice, and incorporate this knowing with facts and logic.  The two are a winning combination. Contact me for more information- [email protected] or call 503-221-2123.

Interviews Wanted

If you have a story to tell about successfully using your intuition for business or personal use, I would love to hear from you.  I am looking to interview people by email or telephone, please contact [email protected].

A Confession of a Sugar Addict

A few weeks ago, I stood inside a community center staring at a long folding table with free apples, onions, bread, homegrown herbs, and some Ghirardelli dark chocolate bars waiting for anyone who wanted it. Dangerous Act Knowing that it was dangerous, I reached for the chocolate bar.  I am a sugar addict with little to no self-control when it …

Can We Rely On Our Intuition?

Click on the link to read this Scientific American Journal article. https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/can-we-rely-on-our-intuition/
Intuition Quote

Intuition Quote

I always had the intuition, even as a little child, that I was called for a big project. Shakira

Support For Your Goals and Dreams

Coaching available to supporting you in achieving your goals and dreams. Contact [email protected].
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