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Want A Speaker For Your Business Meeting?

Looking For Something Unique? Contact me if you would like me to talk about the power of using intuition to make decisions.

Intuition Quote

Intuition Quote   “There is a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen.” Anonymous

Slow Down- Test Your Hunch!

So, you figured it out. You just analyzed the situation and have drawn your own conclusion. Perhaps you think that your inner compass is providing you with explanations, answers. How about taking a pause to ask yourself what you really know? What facts do you have? Are you guessing? What might be your limitations? A few years ago, I got …

Should You Trust Your Gut?

I have spent years having lively, thought-provoking conversations about intuition with personal and corporate clients; students; friends; business associations; and with television and radio show hosts and their audiences. We have discussed, debated, and questioned what defines intuition; questioned if women are more intuitive than men; and argued whether the “sixth sense” can be developed. Most people agree that intuition, also …

Support For Your Goals and Dreams

Coaching available to supporting you in achieving your goals and dreams. Contact [email protected].
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