July 2024
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Develop Your Intuition Skills!!

Develop Your Intuition Skills!!

It is indisputable that we all have intuition.  How people define and describe the inner voice varies with some calling this inner knowing; a hunch, gut feeling; common sense; logic; obvious; and a few more names.   Although Intuition is called by various names (hunch; gut feeling; inner knowing; instincts; inner guidance; common sense; sixth sense; inner voice; logical and more) talking …

He got Mad When I told Him that his conclusions might be wrong!

Several months ago, I had a conversation with a friend and his brother that serves as a great reminder how drawing conclusions based upon facts from past events that can be totally wrong. The decisions that we make and sometimes call intuition and /or logic are only made through a narrow lens that we look through with no awareness to …
What Happens When You Don't Have The Answers?

What Happens When You Don't Have The Answers?

Even with the internet's innumerable research possibilities, one’s knowledge, contacts, and other resources, we may still not access all the pertinent information to make good decisions. We may not have all the facts! Therefore, it is arguably important to understand the inner workings of your own selection process. How much do you know and understand about your own decision-making process? …

Can the mystery be solved with intuition, or did something else cause the cat’s death?

I am writing about a true story, because it is a reminder how some things while seemingly unreal cannot be answered. Recently, a friend telephoned me to tell me what happened to her friends’ two cats.   I was away from my phone and did not hear it ring.  She left a messaged. This is the story.    Her friend had three …


Your intuition constantly tells you what to do.

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