April 2018
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Flowers - Gift to Community

He was so quietly focusing on planting bulbs that he seemed oblivious.   I only say this because he seemed startled when a woman asked him "What are you doing?" "My friend works there (pointing to a store across the street).  I thought that she might like to see some flowers when she leaves work.  I hope that they ( meaning everyone who walks by will enjoy the flowers.  I am hoping that they all survive the cold and wet weather."

Hours later I saw him planting more bulbs a few blocks away from where I had seen him earlier in the day.  I was so touched by this man's generosity and kindness that I didn't even think of asking him more questions. Besides, he was so focused on his task that I didn't want to further disturb his planting.


This wasn't the first time that a parent called me to talk with their child who needed support and affirmation for seeing spirits and/or for knowing "things" that others don't know.   Come over and talk with him please she said in not so many words.   Like most parents she wanted her son to know that he was ok and that he wasn't alone.

I couldn't say no. I was intrigued and wanted to meet this preteen.  So I did.  I had no idea about the adventure that in front of me.  I arrived a few minutes early and parked the car near their house.  The mother and her son lived on an  ordinary street , lined with big trees and homes that had character and personality.  I walked up the steps to the porch and knocked on the door. The son opened the door with a smile and welcomed me.   He left me standing in the living room while he went to get his mother.  She smiled as she greeted me, and left us to talk.

Animal and Human Visitors

He talked with easy as though his human and animal visitors who came to his bedroom as though the visits  were absolutely normal.   He told me that sometimes his room was crowded with these "guests."  He recognized some of his  deceased pets.   Some of the  humans in his room had once lived in the very same house.  Sometimes there was a message, sometimes the guests were silent.  There was more.  He could see deceased people walking in the streets.  He didn't know where they came from or who they were, but it was clear that the wasn't afraid.

His Private World

He did know not to share this with other people and he didn't.   It was his private world.  I told him that probably someone else in his classroom had a similar experience or knew someone who also saw beings that aren't physically alive.  He nodded but it was clear to me that his experience was very private.  Nonetheless, I shared some of my stories and stories that have been shared to me.  I don't know if this was comforting to him.

It has been many years since we visited.  He is no longer a teenager and may be nearing  middle age.  He would be unrecognizable to me.   All I remember is thick brown hair and a casually dressed  guy who was respectful and open.  I hope that  he still  visitors and that he shares these visits with others in his life.


Tommy The Guinea Pig is An Emotional Support Animal

You might know someone who has an emotional support animal? More and more people have one that may travel with them and/or helps them cope with life’s challenges. Mary, who struggles with bipolar depression episodes (has a very strong bond with her four-year old guinea pig Tommy.  Bipolar is a chronic illness that causes extreme mood swings.

1) How does Tommy comfort you?

He sits on my chest and I pet him. He a natural anti-depressant and has anti-anxiety qualities that are tremendously helpful.  He helps to make me feel more calm, less depressed and less anxious and more peaceful.  I think of Tommy as my best friend, my furry child. I love him dearly and am very protective of him.

2) It sounds like you two really understand each other and have a close bond. When he is cuddling with you, do you notice a change in your moods? Can it lift you out of a depression or impact a bipolar episode.

Yes I feel much more relaxed, at ease and often fall asleep or at least half asleep when I cuddle with Tommy. He relaxes me and he is very calming, and soothing.

It relaxes me to cuddle with him after being stressed or depressed. I have felt better after I crying and I burying my face in his soft coat. He will often purr and get physically closer to me when he can tell that I'm sad. When I'm happy, I sing to him.

Many people with mental health issues often feel alone and isolated. With a pet you have to take care and provide for it.

3) Mary you describe a relationship in which you have learned to read with Tommy.

Yes. I have learned to read his squeaks and body language. High pitched squeaks and shrieks mean he is stressed out. If he chatters his teeth at me, he is often upset about something. Usually he runs and hides if he is afraid.  A cat purr and a shaking (almost a vibration) often mean that he is happy. \When he is happy, he wills "popcorn”, a behavior that is common with young guinea pigs. He jumps and twists in the air. It's an act of pure joy and delight!  If a pet sitter doesn’t treat him well, he isn’t calm (running around in his cage and squeaking a lot) when I return.

4) Would you say that Tommy has a highly developed sixth sense? If so, how does he demonstrate this to you?

Tommy stays away from people who don’t like animals, and he will nip those who are unkind to him.  Yes, Tommy definitely does know when I am depressed he squeaks.  I believe that he does this to alert me that something is wrong. He seems to understand when I am down/sad that I would like more cuddle time.  He can sense that I need to be comforted more. It's almost as if he thinks that is his job to take care of me.  He picks up on my body signals. Sometimes when I am sick, he squeaks so that I will pick him up and cuddle with him.

5) Does Tommy help shorten your bipolar episodes?

I don't know if the bouts of bipolar are actually shortened, but they are much easier to bear having his company. I think that his loving presence actually has a calming effect on my mood.  When I've been incredibly sad, depressed, etc., it's so therapeutic to cuddle with him.  The mania side to my bipolar is harder to control because I feel more hyper and out of control.

6) So it sounds like Tommy is both emotionally and physically supportive. Is this correct?

Tensions dissipate and I relax when we cuddle on my bed or my sofa. (My psychiatrist had said, at one point that she would be willing to write a letter certifying Tommy as either a therapy pet or emotional support animal.)

7) What pet advice do you have for those living with a mental illness?

Pets are tremendously wonderful, therapeutic, and can add joy and happiness to people's lives.  A pet is a lifetime commitment.  Consider the expense and your lifestyle. Unlike a dog, a guinea pig, cat, and fish are not very high maintenance. Remember a pet requires care even when you don’t feel well. Talk to a vet or family and friends for suggestions.

8) What words of advice do you have for others who have a mental illness?
There's no shame in having a mental illness. Due what is best for you. Remember to take care of yourself before taking care of the needs of others!

Something Made Me Ask The Question

She was driving the car and I was sitting in the back seat.  "Are you enjoying your retirement?" I asked.  "Yes we are." We meaning her and her boyfriend.  I can't believe that I have been retired for 18 months she continued.  Neither could I.

Friends Resent Her Happiness

I asked if she saw her work friends often. "No. They don't like to hear how happy I am" she said.  I heard myself think"oh" but the word didn't come out.  Maybe I was surprised that her friends made it that obvious.  Before I could give it much thought she said "We can go out to lunch whenever we want.  We don't have to rush back to work.  We don't have to get up early to go to work.  We don't have to worry about traffic."

There was more.   Her boyfriend procrastinated doing his work and made his co-workers angry because they often had to do his work.  "I once asked him if he waited until the last-minute on purpose.  He said "yes" and admitted that he did it so that he wouldn't have to do the work.  "I knew it !"  Yes, she knew about his manipulation and was proud that she had "busted" him.

Liked Job "Okay"

"Sounds like he didn't like his job too much "was my comment.  She said he liked it "ok."  The next question flew out of my mouth.  " Did you like your work?"  "Ok" was her response as well.  She sounded matter of fact, not sad not glad. (It made me sad to think about someone spending so much of their life for so many years in a job that doesn't bring much joy or fulfillment.)

That got me thinking.  She worked hard and long hours.  She is not a well woman and has a disease that will probably shorten her life.  She had overbearing bosses and staff that were not always friendly and cooperative. She had a short drive to work and worked her hours so that she stayed late to avoid heavy traffic.

I had one more question.  "Was there something else you wanted to do?  Were you passionate about something?"  Her response was quick "Not really.  I just wanted to do a good job." Maybe she isn't that unusual.  According to statistics (70% and 80% of workers don't like their jobs), if you can believe them.

I found myself wondering if she had ever allowed herself to dream, to imagine about a job that might better suit her, use more of her talents, ignite her heart.

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