May 2018
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Seven Year Old Dog Sold To A Strange Woman-Story Unfolds At Portland Airport

Years ago in the Portland, Oregon airport  I found myself waiting in line to go through security check.  It was about 8:45 in the morning and it was busy.  It seemed that everyone must have decided to take an early flight, because I have never seen the lines that long and I am no stranger to Portland airport.  Fortunately,  I had a lot of time before I had to board a plane to Chicago, so I wasn’t in a rush.

A man carrying a small furry dog was standing in front of me.  He was talking with the couple in front of him about choosing a dog.  “We recently lost our dog,” said the woman.  “ You are doing the right thing,” said the man carrying the dog. He talked some more, and it soon became apparent that he bred dogs and sold them.  “ I am very careful where I send my dogs.  I make the people come and pick him up from me.”  It seems like he talked with them a long time before he would sell one of the dogs.  He never said what he charged for the dogs.

"He is a great dog.  I love him."

He then began talking about the little furry dog that he was holding.  “ He is a great dog.  I love him.”  The woman wanted to know his age.  "Seven" said the man.   Suddenly the man with the dog started waving his arm, that wasn't holding the dog in the air.   Within a few seconds a woman appeared carrying an empty dog carrier.  She greeted the man and petted the dog. “ Oh he is about the same size as my six-year-old dog at home.  They will get along fine.”  She said a few more things and it became apparent that she was going to take this seven-year-old dog home with her on the plane.

The breeder handed the dog to the woman and attempted to take a picture of the two.  The dog wouldn’t look at the man, and kept turning his head away from the camera.  The breeder tried several more times unsuccessfully before he gave up.  It was obvious that this little dog wasn’t going to allow his picture to be taken.  He had a wounded look in his eye or so it appeared to me.  I couldn’t help wonder if he knew exactly what was happening.   He was being given away.  After living with the breeder for perhaps seven years, he was being handed over like a baton to the next human, who was willing to pay a price.    I am assuming if he loved the dog, the dog knew it.  Now he was walking away from the animal. Poor little dog.

My guess is that neither the breeder nor the woman who bought the dog saw the same look in the dog's eye that I saw.  Perhaps the dog was truly going to a great home.  Perhaps breeders tell themselves that it is "okay" because the animal is going to a loving home.  Perhaps there is more to the story that I didn't know and still don't know.


Think About it! Animals Trust What They Know! Most People Don't Have Such Confidence.

I could write an entire book filled with stories about how animals trust people.  Sometimes  people who love and live with animals trust their pets' instincts more than they trust their own instincts.  It would make readers laugh, cry and think, if just for a few minutes.

Many years ago, I gave an intuition talk to a women's group in Portland,Oregon.  I remember very little about the group except  that they were a well attended lively group, where they met and that it was a dinner meeting.  What was memorable about this event was the woman who shared "before I date a man seriously my cat has to give his stamp of approval."  In other words if the four-legged one didn't like him, she would not see him again.

The room was silent, but only for a minute as everyone waited for her to continue.   We all wanted to know how the cat made his decision obvious.  Being rather coy the woman said "If he doesn't like the guy he leaves a tootsie roll in his shoe."  We all knew what that meant.  Almost everyone.  There was one woman who took the woman literally and wondered how the cat found a tootsie roll candy and managed to place it in the man's shoe.  Suddenly she laughed "Oh." Yes, it was an organic tootsie roll , one that belonged in the litter box , not in a shoe!

Uplifting, Feel Good Movie on Netflix -Meditation Park - A Spiritual Awakening

 I highly recommend watching  Meditation Park, a 2017 Canadian drama film directed by Mina Shum.  Viewers watch the beautiful awakening of Maria, the wife, who finds her voice and her inner strength upon suspecting and discovering that her husband is having an affair.

The movie takes viewers through her process of suspecting, her pain and the discovery of her husband's betrayal.  However, this film offers much more.  Viewers see her, like a flowering bud, discover her voice and find the courage to not only challenge her husband but to claim her independence.

Discovers Creative Ways

One scene in particular speaks to the "new" Maria.  It had been 39 years since Maria and her husband moved from Hong Kong to Canada.  Maria speaks little English, doesn't drive and hasn't held a job since she moved from Hong Kong.  (She was briefly a secretary  before she married her husband.  In the movie, she not only applies for jobs but she discovers creative ways to make money.

Maria displays both insight, compassion and the gift of forgiveness.  Aren't these valuable commodities in today's world?  Can't we all benefit from watching someone display these attributes even on the big screen?


What is the Probability?

Not too long ago,  I realized that owning six Norwegian dictionaries is more than enough.  Two were gifts, one was packed away with the utmost care and placed in a suitcase and brought back from Norway.  Another dictionary purchased for a college class.   Two more were purchased online several years ago.  One spoke to me from the Scandinavian section at Portland's Powell's bookstore.  It was a $10 hardcover book in very good condition.  I didn't have the heart not to give it a permanent home.   Ok, I started collecting them the way some people collect  cups, wooden horses, Christmas ornaments, signed books, stamps, coins, old vinyl records, old baseball cards.  Yes, they are sentimental.   They are my friends. I lived there.  I speak the language.  all six of them.

Six Dictionaries-Not Practical

To be honest, there is nothing practical about owning  six dictionaries. Not every word can be found between the covers of a dictionary and poking my nose in one after another sometimes does not provide the translation or the expression that I am looking for when I am writing.

Yes, they are not expensive and not in high demand.  Not many people shop for a Norwegian dictionary, but then not many people speak the language.  They are not plentiful on book shelves unless the following conditions occur.  One looks in cities with many Scandinavians citizens or searches in bookstores near a college or university that offers courses in Scandinavian languages.

A Gust Of Intuition

About four weeks ago I found myself thinking  that it would be nice to have a good Norwegian grammar book.   (I have one and it is not very good.)  It was a fleeting thought until one day when a gust of intuition pushed me out the door and into  the car and to a library bookstore.  (This is a bookstore that receives books from friends and patrons of the library.  Volunteers  run the store, and sales goes to the library.  Many cities have them.)

I didn't want to go.  It was a busy day and I really didn't have enough time, but I wanted an adventure.  So, I drove the twenty minutes to get to this store wondering why.  There was only twenty minutes until closing time.

I got there and didn't waste time in walking inside. "Where are the alternative health books?" I asked one of the volunteers who was busy sorting books and placing them into boxes.  "Over there,  but you can't get to them, because we are getting ready to take books to a books sale" he said and pointed.  I looked in the direction where he was pointing.  No it didn't look inviting.  Stacks of books and boxes lined the floors and walls.  Well, after driving this far for what seem like no obvious reason, I tried a different tactic.  "Would it be okay if I took a quick look and didn't move any of the books that are already in boxes.?"  He nodded "Ok."  Fifteen minutes was all I had left before the store closed.   It didn't take that long to skim the books shelves and feel like the good stuff was in boxes or somewhere hidden but close by.  Actually, it was not much fun being rushed and not be able to EASILY remove books from the shelves.

Top Of The Stack

I had my back to one stack that didn't look like it or a person would survive if someone bumped into it.   I carefully turned around to see what might be behind me.  There on top of the stack was a brand new hardcover Norwegian grammar book.  I picked it up.  It looked brand new, like it never had been opened.  With the few minutes I had left, I skimmed through it and noticed that there was some good information.

How strange that the top book on the shelf would be this book!  This wasn't even the foreign language section or the section that had dictionaries. Who owned it?  What was their story?  Was it a gift to someone?  Every book in the library store had a story, a history and mostly these tales went silent.

"A Dollar"

Never mind the questions.  The store would be closing very soon.  Off I went to pay for the book.  "How much is it?"  The woman looked at the book  with absolutely no interest, and fully aware that the store would be closing.  "A dollar" she said.  She received what she asked for and she thanked me.

I wish that I thanked her for the volunteer  who placed the book on the top of the stack where I could reach and see it.   However, I was still stunned that among the thousands of books in this book store, was a  Norwegian grammar book.   So, what part of me knew to drive to the store?  Was it coincidence? What was it?  For a dollar, who cares.  It was well worth the adventure.  Isn't life full of these unexpected finds?

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