A Little Goes A Long Way

Customer service really isn’t a thing of the past, not a figment of one’s imagination.  People often complain that respect and kindness are missing from today’s world.  Perhaps it depends upon how one defines courteous behavior or good service or acts of kindness.  Yes, there may be a piece of this that is truly in the eye of the beholder.  However, a big HOWEVER, it is hard to argue with a soft considerate voice or someone who takes time to pay attention to another human being.  Yes, listening may be at a premium in our busy, dizzy world.  Yet there are people, places, organizations, institutions who step up to this “consciousness” and really intend and do make a difference in people’s lives.

Today I took my mother to West Hollywood to Cecconi’s restaurant and was Not disappointed with the excellent food, that was beautifully presented and beautifully served.  The wait staff  did not rush my mother who wanted to make sure that no SALT was added to her food and that NO BUTTER was spread on her toast. I too was heard and my food allergies were not tested by the menu choices.

Thumbs up to this excellent restaurant for backing their great food with great service.  No wonder at all that Cecconi’s was dizzy busy the entire time that we were there.


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