A Pleasure To Be In Your Company!

I love horses.  So do a lot of other people.  It isn’t difficult to fall for them.  Their list of attributes is long, starting with their beauty,their stature, their grace,their many more qualities and abilities.

I admire them, have clients who have consulted with me about their horses, and I have ridden them less than a handful of times.  Seriously, I don’t ride them.  Well, not now and don’t have plans to for no particular reason except that I don’t think about it. Sure, like many people, I have been on  a horse a few times. My mother still tells me about the pony ride that I had when I was very little, not far from the house where I grew up.  My next ride I remember because I was with a family friend who loved horses.  My memory of the horse is overshadowed by her love of these animals.


I have No good reason for why I haven’t  I like to hang with them, to observe them, to feel their huge gentle energy.  Or, perhaps I have the best reason of all, because they are so majestic and wonderful.  I honor their sensitivity as they understand mine and perhaps may be more in tuned than most humans whom I know.


They have such large intuitive antennas, so aware, so alert.  Horses are paying attention even when they don’t seem to be. They don’t miss a beat.  They absorb the world and their people.  If you close your eyes and concentrate on the horse of your choice, perhaps you too will sense their greatness.

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