A Walk In The Park- Intuition At Work- Thank YOU!

One never knows what  or who will greet him or her out in the world.  Not really a surprise is it?  Lots of people, lots of ideas, lots of opinions are out there and no two people are exactly alike.  That is a good thing unless you are someone who wants just to meet and connect with people who are just like you.  Perhaps that wouldn’t bore you? Most of us want a wee bit of variety, even is it just a little.

Last night I went for a walk, a little later than usual.  I headed out the door knowing that I would soon be contending with the oncoming disappearance of light.  Walking in the dark is not fun and sometimes dangerous not just because humans that might want to harm one.  It is the rocks, pebbles, twigs, uneven and broken sidewalks that haven’t been attended to in the name of public safety.  I grabbed my cell phone thinking that something or someone out in the world might be worthy of a picture. My intuition was at work. I didn’t want to miss an opportunity.  I wasn’t to be disappointed.






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