A Wild Walk In the Wild!!!

One thing that I really like about taking a walk is that one never knows what one will see.  Maybe that is because it is impossible to predict people and animals, their behavior and actions that is.  Really, it is true of almost anything living, bugs included.

This morning I took my usually walk and felt fortunate to be able to take it early.  Unfortunately, the walk is usually taken in the evening, only  because it becomes too hot by noon.  It was about 8:30  this morning, halfway through my work, it started warming up.  I changed my usual route and cut through the park and walked by a grassy area.  Suddenly a bird that looked like a dove, swooped down as though it were going to make a landing.  Just as quickly, a cat that I hadn’t seen, suddenly started chasing the bird.  I was captivated by the “race.”  So taken in was I, that I hadn’t noticed a little dog that had joined the chase.  So, it was.  A  bird was being chased by a cat who was being chased by a little dog. The cat was literally stopped by a wall and it found a small opening in it which stopped the dog from catching the cat.  This reminded me of some poem which I can’t remember.  It was all delightful.DSCN4509


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