About Faye

About Faye Pietrokowsky

Faye Pietrokowsky founded Inner Design in 1986 when she began helping individuals and businesses to developing intuition skills for personal enhancement and for professional development. Faye assists people in utilizing this asset in the marketplace for sales, customer service, hiring, and for overall decision-making. She has worked with various industries including computer, advertising, telecommunications, and with small businesses. Faye also offers classes to help children develop their sixth sense and classes to assist people in communicating with their animal friends. She also works with people and their pets to address attitude and behavior issues.

Faye draws from years of experience working with clients to problem solve business and personal concerns and from her formal education. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Speech Communications from Cal State University and a Master of Science degree in Adult Education from the University of Wisconsin.

Faye also speaks to associations and organizations about using intuition in the marketplace for sales, customer service, for hiring and for overall decision-making. She also provides her listening audiences with suggestions about how to integrate intuition in the workplace in a tightening economy. Faye speaks about “The Hunch That Got Away”,”Using Intuition In A Tightening Economy” and “Being A Prophet In The Workplace.”