About Faye

About Faye

My Own Experiences

My unexplained experiences started when I was a young child.  I knew things without knowing how or why.  Over the years, I have learned to both respect and honor the messages and know that they come through me.  I am not the source, just the receiver.

This led to the believe that there is more in the world that we humans don’t know and don’t see.  The ability to harness this knowledge is there for everyone and is a skill that can be cultivated and developed to make decisions and draw information.  Furthermore, people who employ intuition into their everyday lives, report living a more fulfilling and rich-filled life because of it.

Sensing and knowing information about the world that sometimes cannot be quantified and verified is not strange or foreign.  My grandmother knew things that nobody told her. Visitors with messages came to her in her sleep at night.  Her dreams fascinated and frightened family and friends.  My grandfather, who left this earth some thirty-eight years before my grandmother departed, often spoke to her in her dreams.  My grandmother seemed to take it in stride and would tell family members that “Pa told …”  My grandmother had a knowledge source that prepared her for both happy and unpleasant events.  I don’t know if she looked forward to his visits, but she became used to them.

My grandmother wasn’t the only family member who received information.  A  deceased great-great aunt visited relatives during their sleeping hours,  and  would wring her hands and say “I am sorry.  There is nothing that I can do.” Shortly afterwards, a family member would pass away.

What I Know

Experience, my own and my family’s stories, have been the foundation for working with clients and living with intuition as a vital ally in my life. Working with clients to address, gain insight and resolve personal; business; personal; and pet challenges.  In summary, what I know beyond any doubt is the following.

  • Everyone has intuition.
  • Intuition is a skill, not a secret.
  • Intuition plus logic is a winning combination that leads to great decision-making.
  • Successful people, be they teachers, scientists, police officers, computer consultants, marketing and sales people, use intuition.
  • Intuition doesn’t betray people.  Failure to differentiate between inner guidance, attachment to outcomes and fears clouds the ability to receive the guidance.