Angel On A Bicycle!

It happened yesterday.  I was standing in front of a local public library collecting signatures for a ballot measure when a tall blond young man on a bicycle stopped by and asked what I was doing.  He wasn’t a registered voter and seemed more interested in talking with me.  He paused and then said “Remember to keep stretching.  Lots of people don’t and it isn’t good for the body not to be limber.”  He paused again and then offered more advice ” Don’t expect the world to change.  Change yourself.”  He said a few more things and then told me he had to go.  He got back on his bicycle and told me “See you later.”  

I hope that I do meet him again.  It was inspiring and invigorating.  hH may have been using a little intuition.  I haven’t been stretching for the last week.  Yes, it is time to get back to stretching.   

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