Animals/Pets Never Cease To Amaze Me

I know that pets are dear to us.  It is not hard to get that message.  Look at what we will do for our pets.  Lots of people take better care of them than they do themselves and some even admit it. Some brag about it. Some laugh about it.  A friend once told me that if her house were on fire or there was some kind of disaster, she would have to come back into the house for her cat.

A few days ago my mother reminded me once again when she shared with me a radio interview that she heard.  I believe that it was with a Katrina survivor who said that he could accept losing belongings but not leaving his pets behind.   I knew this intuitively but had not heard it expressed.  I also did not know that  some people who lost their pets during the Katrina disaster had trouble getting them back from people who rescued them. Some people went to court to get their beloved friends back.

No, not surprising in any way I suppose.  Look at all these friends do for and to us. Think about it.  Take your breath away?

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