Blood Pressure Goes Down With Wagging Tail

I  recently travelled to the Midwest to visit family and friends and to do work at the Janesville, Wisconsin Rock County Humane Society. It was the first time in many  years that I spent time with my cousin.  We had visiting time in between running errands and appointments to visit.  We caught up on family news and discussed many topics.

Max, the family labradoodle, was by our side most of the time. Max, like many other dogs, loves to hang out with the humans in the house.  I noticed how this loving dog calmed everyone one down, particularly Rhonda’s husband, who came home exhausted from working long hours.  I could literally see his energy change and the tension leave dissipate as he hugged and petted the family dog.

When someone left the house and returned, Max was there wagging his tail and putting his paws on shoulders of any human who came within his reach.  Who could ask for more?

We should all have a Max in our lives.



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