Cat Gets Purrfect Revenge

Some cats insist upon having their litter box changed while others are more tolerant of lazy humans who take their sweet time.  Maybe some animals, like people, aren’t so adamant about cleanliness.

I heard a great story in an unlike place, but maybe this isn’t so.  Many of my stories come from unlikely sources and places.  A few days ago, July 4th to be exact, I found myself in Corbett, Oregon canvassing for some ballot measures.  It wasn’t my decision to be working on July 4th, but I had taken on a part-time and very short-term project to earn some money.  The company offered a generous bonus for working all 10 days of the final signature collection campaign.   Yesterday was the last day.

Since I wanted to be out in nature, I chose Corbett, which is a good hour drive from Portland.  There was a Fourth of July parade and a variety of fun activities, including music, free rides for kids, and a wonderful playground with swings for children to enjoy.  All this was located behind the one and only elementary school in the small town of Corbett.

I enjoyed the drive.  Who wouldn’t?  I saw farms and cows and farmers working outside.  Of course, I drove by the local store and a beer festival or some kind of beer “happening.”  There out yonder was the best of the best – the Mt. Hood snow covered mountains looking so majestic.  That by itself was worth the drive.  Yes, in the beginning of the month of July, the mountains still were covered with snow.

My parking fairy was with me and I found FREE parking across from the school!  The cop that was directing the traffic waved me into the parking lot and there were maybe a couple of parking spaces left.

As I walked across the street to enter the school, swarms of people were arriving from all directions and from many places.  Some were Portland residents and some came from as far away as California and Washington.  All were headed for the entrance where they would be asked to part with $5 to enter this paradise of music and fun entertainment for the day.  (I understand that the fireworks show was spectacular.  Unfortunately, I had to leave before the 10 p.m. show to return to the office and hand in my signatures.  Just as well.  My phobia of loud sounds is still with me after many years of trembling a family 4th of July celebrations.)

Signature boards in hand, I greeted many people.  Some, in fact most, just signed the blue, yellow and pink sheets and went back to their celebrations.  A couple invited me to continue talking.  Conversations turned from the politics of signature gathering to children and pets.  These are natural transitions.  Most people like both and if they don’t, they won’t tell you!  Come on!  It’s like saying you don’t like music!  However, it isn’t quite as bad, in my opinion, as telling people that you don’t like to eat.  Almost as bad, but not quite because some people can’t taste food or would rather spend their time doing something else.  Pets and kids are liked and loved by most people.  If people don’t want to live with animals, most often they have a great reason.  “I don’t have the time to give them that they deserve.”  “ I can’t afford vet bills.”  “I am not home enough.”  “ I don’t have enough space.”

One woman was with her husband and three year old granddaughter.  She told me that her little one loves the two dogs and the old grumpy Siamese and something mixed breed cat that lives with them.   When I heard the word grumpy, my ears perked up.  Usually when an animal acts out, it is in reaction to something a human has done.  This didn’t seem to be the case.  The mother of this cat was also grumpy.  At least, that is what these adults told me.  They could take the attitude, but didn’t appreciate her peeing in their bed just because they didn’t clean her litter box often enough!  They did get a warning FIRST. The cat was kind enough to cry out in discontent before heading for the bedroom to jump on the bed and use it for her litter box!

Well, what a great way to get one’s point across! It is very direct!  I was so taken with the story; I didn’t ask why they weren’t proactive and change the box more often?  Surely that would have been easier than changing sheets!?  Didn’t the grumpy cat have a right to a clean bathroom!??  Who votes for the cat?





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