Faye Pietrokowsky

Break Addiction’s Grip with Homemade, Healthy Sweets

Addiction Runs in the Family

Watching my grandfather’s losing battle with cigarette addiction first exposed me to the dark side of addictions. Despite endless nagging about his smoking from my grandmother, he just couldn’t quit. Multiple packs a day put his health in danger, yet cigarettes clearly ruled his life right up until his sudden death while fishing. Only later did I realize my own helpless dependence on sugar mirrored my grandfather’s addiction.

My Out-of-Control Sweets Addiction

Like his cigarettes, sweets temptation lurked everywhere for me. As a child, I’d secretly stash piles of caramel candies in my pockets, feeling unable to stop after just one. For decades, I mindlessly binged without understanding it was addiction. I felt mystified and ashamed around people who could indulge in just a bite. My compulsion led me to hide stashes to eat when no one noticed. When I tried resisting the relentless urges, they always came back stronger. I realized with dread that sweets controlled me.

Pre-Diabetes Wake Up Call

When diagnosed prediabetic decades later, my doctor said I had just years to dramatically cut sugar or face disease and decline. This news terrified me – would I meet my grandfather’s early fate? Yet trying to reduce sweets intake alone proved useless against the overpowering cravings. I feared addiction would cut my own life tragically short.

My Breakthrough-Homemade Healthy Chocolate

In my darkest moment, inspiration struck – create my own healthy chocolate free of added sugar! I tirelessly tested recipes until finally crafting chocolate that satisfied me after just 1-2 bites. No longer enslaved by relentless cravings, I could portion or save leftovers without feeling utterly deprived. By making my own sweets filled with healthy ingredients, I finally took back power over addiction rather than letting it control and destroy me. I found freedom my grandfather never had access to.

Freedom Awaits

With my secret chocolate recipe that I’m now ready to share with you, you can finally:

  • Take charge of your health

  • Save money over store-bought sweets

  • Indulge moderately guilt-free

  • End the relentless addiction cycle

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