Crows and More Crows

The Murder of Crows.  Did you see it on Public Television this past week?  Perhaps it airs different times in various parts of the country?  If you missed, I highly recommend that you go online to the public broadcast network, and watch the show. The link is

What is there to learn about crows you ask?  A lot. You might learn how intelligent they are if you already didn’t know this.  I knew that they are highly intuitive and aware of their surroundings.  How I know this, I really couldn’t say.  It is one of those indescribable things in life.  Maybe I can feel their vibration.  The following I can say for sure.  I can say that when I am in their presence, I am keenly aware of how present they are of life around them.  They watch with wisdom, a knowing.  It is as though they can see right through a situation and get right to the heart of an issue.


I have to admit that I am a little afraid of them.  A few years back while on a walk, I suspect that walked under a tree that may have had a crow’s nest in it.  Something happened, because as I walked under a tree, I heard this horrible squawking sound. Suddenly a crow swooped down and hit me on the head.  Then one can from behind and struck the back of my head too.  I was terrified and pulled the hood of my sweater up over my head and ran/walked.   I looked up and there were a number of crows sitting on a telephone line.  I imagined that they were all watching me and would swoop down and attack me too.  They remained where they were and I suspected that I was being watched as moved quickly to get out of their range.  Sounds like something from Hitchcock doesn’t it?

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