Do Plants Get Sad, Mad, Happy? Do They Feel? What Do You Think?

DSCN4950Do plants feel sadness and/or grief when plants around them die? To be honest, it is a question that has crossed my mind more than once. As I age, the question is on the tip of my tongue/consciousness more often than I can count, particularly when I am about ready to step on a blade, or many blades of grass.

Do they mind? Does it hurt? Sometimes, I have even turned around after I have walked on the grass to make sure that it springs back.
Am embarrassed to say that it makes me feel better (i.e.less guilty).
Do plants know when nearby trees lose limbs to diseases, storms or human abuse? Do they hear the trees at all?

Are they insulted when a dog or a cat use it for a litter box or let others to let others know who is boss?

I can’t be the only one that has asked these questions. Really, it is a curiosity! Have you too never thought about it? I know. You may not have. Not everyone thinks about the same things. It is a wonderful thing that we don’t all think about the same things. Imagine what this world might be like if we did!

If you are willing to admit that you have had these thoughts and are willing to share, I would love to hear from you. If you haven’t asked these questions and you think that I am from another planet, I don’t mind. REALLY!

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