Question: When did you know that you had psychic/intuitive talents?

Answer: As a young child, I was naturally able to size up a situation with some degree of accuracy. I never gave it a second thought. A woman named Maria recognized my intuitive abilities, and asked me to imagine a big white screen on a wall behind her. She asked me questions about her fiancé. That was my beginning. Teaching classes and offering consultations helped develop my intuition.

Question: Is intuition a skill?

Answer: Yes, it is a skill that call be developed with practice. I encourage people to engage their intuition on a daily basis. Ask yourself “if my intuition could talk to me, what would it say? If you nurture this friend, it will become a lifelong ally that will assist you in making great decisions.

Question: What kinds of questions to people ask you?

Answer: People ask a variety of questions that include; career choices, hiring, compatibility, relationships, pet related questions (behavior, adoption, and more), etc.

Question: Are the questions that you won’t answer?

Answer: Yes. I will not address questions about illness or longevity. First, no intuitive consultant/reader has an accuracy rate of 100% all the time. Moreover, there is always an element of change, hope, desires, etc. that affects and influences people. Readings/consultations are designed to provide insight and information, not necessarily answers. I usually do not answer some personal questions about other people’s lives without their consent.

Question: How does your intuition speak to you? How do you know what you know?

Answer: My information is visual, auditory, and/or a knowing, which is accompanied by calm relaxed feeling. Usually, if the information is not authentic, there is an uneasy feeling.

Question: How do I prepare for my consultation with you?

Answer: Think about what you want to get from the session. I always encourage people to make a list of questions. My belief is that if I am accurately seeing you (i.e. your life), your concerns will be addressed.

Question: How can you give consultations, both pet and people, without seeing the person or animal?

Answer: Information about people and situations is all around us. Therefore, I only need to focus my attention on a person, situation, question, etc. Think of our lives as branches on a tree with leaves that have information embedded in them. They are always there for us to see.

Question: Can you tell my dog to stop an annoying behavior?

Answer: I can convey messages to animals, but that doesn’t’t mean that they are going to change their attitude or behavior. They do have their own will.

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